The Riot Alpha Taskforce


The Fireteam

These are the girls that will work on the ground at the front of our unit. They will work in pairs and are encouraged to play together to increase the understanding between one another. A fireteam is a small military unit of infantry.







Experts Close Combat

  • Binchen GMT +1
  • Gaga GMT 0
  • Randy GMT 0
  • Areku GMT -6
  • Banksie GMT 0
  • JemmaLeigh GMT 0


The Strike Section








A Strike Section is a small military unit. These crew members are the all-rounder’s who can handle close-quarters but also excel at medium range and heavy weapons PLUS are able to work ad-hoc’ly utilising their improvisation skills. All members will be expected to step up and get involved, supporting the Fireteam. The Section’s main task is to hold ground. Bridging the gaps between the two [fire & cell] and generally being the glue that holds the team together.


Close Combat/MID Range

  • Hugo GMT -6
  • Stardust GMT +1
  • Aleoxona GMT +1
  • Alleksandr GMT +4
  • Katie GMT 0
  • Greatness_Nation
  • Murphacus GMT -7


The Stealth Cell








The Stealth Cell operates covertly. They move quietly and attack the enemy from ambush, using sniper rifles and weapons with silencers.




Sniper/Stealth Experts

  • Raxo GMT +1
  • Blondarus GMT 0
  • Vegito GMT -4
  • muhmuhhuh GMT 0




We also will have one commander at every match which will gives instruction with help of the letter signs (link here).

This position will be given to one of the Stealth Team or someone with mic.



recruitment You want to represent Pussi Riot at Crew VS Crew matches?

From time to time we will host a “RATS TDM Tryouts” Playlist. Successful crew members will be invited to become a part of the Riot Alpha Taskforce. Just join the Playlist when you get the invite. If you want to know when the next TryOuts will be hostet just contact me. Or join our regular training and impress us with your performance.



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