Just a quick poll…..

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Hello ladies

I am just sat here listening to Radio Gaga and am constantly amazed with some of the brilliant creativity involved with this crew.

Well I too like to be creative as I am sure you are aware. However I tend to have too many ideas at times and start things without ever completing them!

So I have a couple of things I have set up that I want to work on but thought I would take a quick poll first to see who likes what in here.

The ideas I have are as follows:


Im still working on this and will just need some guests. I have two lined up thus far and will be asking for more further down the line. The premise of this will be that I ask a series of questions over PMs and then mix them up into something resembling a chat show format.


I have seen a couple of you have WWE2K13. I love my wrestling I do and am rather nifty on the creator. I want to make a Pussi Riot themed story but will need to know how big my audience will be! Even better if someone could play it and record it at the same time… May end up going on 2k14 though.


A very simple one. To make a squad of Rioters in Fifa creation centre. Only trouble is you will all look like men….


I have the storyline set up already for an old school Role Playing Game based on the Riot. Basically you will have to obtain some random crystal (told you it was old school) and meet a ton of Rioters in cameos along the way.


This one is obvious. Does anyone have any interest in Tennis on GTA? I would be willing to create some sort of tour.


This one may be fun. I use a programme called Xtranormal a lot and think it may be fun to make a weekly news update ala Sky Sports Centre with all thats gone on in Los Santos with the crew. Reports on crew parties, death matches, races etc.

Im sure I will come up with more stupid things but as promised its poll time!









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