Bom dia Los Santos!

How did I get to here from there? Shortly after the departure from the French Military, centered in & around Northern Africa. I was well..out of work and needed a place to start over & get back on my feet.

Lamar Davis in Los Santos was kind enough to have a car repo job waiting for me after finding my way there. Gratitude for that, despite immediately using the pistol he gave me to suggest keeping things strictly professional.

From there I quickly found a new desert war zone to be a major player in, and have gotten into the good graces of Martin Madrazo and his Mexican business associates, superhacker Lester Crest, and Air Force Para Jumper turned psycho meth dealer & addict Trevor Philips. Which is almost enough to put the idea of old enemies half a world away trying to make life difficult in Los Santos/Blaine County, or a black mask death squad to rest, should this new line of work rub them the wrong way.

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  • Name: Catina Da Sá, Catina Marston, or just Cat.
  • Date of birth: October seventh nineteen ninety.
  • Age: 23
  • Relationship status: Only interested in mayhem, money, and murder.
  • Sex: Female. And usually just shoot the guys who beep at me, expecting me to get in their car.
  • Religious views: In the town that worships drugs and the almighty dollar. Why not be closer to the divine than worshiping the divine?
  • Political views: Maybe I should branch into politics instead of just being a Los Santos/Blaine County business woman…
  • Interests. Cars, guns, money, bounty hunting, tattoos, tennis, darts, arm wrestling, snapmatic pics, having fun and sometimes throwing down alongside the GTA Photographers, Pussi Riot, Crazy Girls, and Illadelph 420.

Finer details about Moi? I am a direct descendant of legendary outlaw John Marston, e uma orgulhoso Brazilian (and a proud Brazilian). Also a bit of an oddity with blueish-green eyes from Scottish as well as Portuguese heritage.

TPI, Madrazo, and other business contacts aside, I joined and have so far been promoted to Lt. and Commissioner in three of the four crews I run with. But only encountered and was invited to the latest crew, Pussi Riot less than two weeks ago.

And of course by “from here to there” I have gone from a nearly broke and unemployed while relocating to Los Santos to owning a fleet of cars, the most expensive apartment in Tinsel Towers, and a home in Paleto Bay to escape from the general craziness in Los Santos from time to time.