The Pussi Riot Drop zone club first meet


The Second Sunday of the month is now “Drop Zone” night

First event: 14th September 2014

I conducted a poll last month to see what is a convenient day for us all to regularly get together and play a parachuting playlist and the result was…. Sunday. I had a bit of a problem here as more rioters said yes then we can currently accommodate in a parachuting game or playlist. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a down to earth solution.

We are going to run a closed only crew lobby and impromptu race to different parachuting trigger points on the map. The prize for being one of the 1st (of the 8) to arrive the location in the impromptu race gets to take part in the jump. The peeps that dont make it, just set a new race to another trigger point and so on. Plus at the top of every hour, we kick off a sami’s dropzone playlist, I plan for us to run the playlist 3 times over the course of the evening.

I will do another post closer to the time with more details in. Oh and remember I am still in need to a captain for this event which I would like to hand over the running of once it is established as one of our regular events

We will modify this playlist throughout the upcoming months and add in suggested jumps and new releases as Rockstar releases new DLC.

The reason its the 2nd sunday:
I have chosen the 2nd sunday of every month as we already have the crew party on the last Friday of every month. The crew race event on the first Saturday of every month and silly saturdays on the second Saturday of every month. The days are filling up! I cant wait til we have a different themed event on every night!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback below.


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