TOP 20 Sami’s Races


An article to gather all my best creations !
If you want new challenges for racing lovers, enjoy !

Sorted by date, from oldest to most recent. I know, this isn’t a real “TOP” ! Click on the title to open the race page on Social Club and add to your game ! This is only for PSN but if a Xboxer want to copy few of them on Xbox, I would love that !

1 : ROCK ‘N’ BAJA – Race for stock REBEL & INJECTION on the Redwood track (16 players)

2 : ISLE OF MAN TT – Race exclusively for bikes inspired by the real Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, a very long ‘Point to Point’ with the best roads of the map. (16 players)

3 : HIGH SPEED RUN – Race for crazy bikers, a long run in a straight line among traffic from countryside to the city with all driving aids enabled. (16 players)

4 : VINEWOOD CIRCUIT – The ultimate urban track for motorcycles, an unavoidable race for real bikers in LS. (11 players)

5 : EAST LS SPEEDWAY – Speedway for bikes (yes, again) in East Los Santos with very long curves and straight lines. (16 players)

6 : SAMI RETURNS TO ULSA – Bmx race on the University Campus. (16 players)

7 : THE PANTO TIME-ATTACK – Race exclusively for the Panto in a park on tiny roads and stairs. (8 players)

8 : THE DEATH CANYON – Air race in the Raton Canyon with low flying and bridges. (8 players)

9 : THE SEDAN DERBY – Funny destruction derby race with sedan cars. Designed for the Warrener. (16 players)

10 : SAN ANDREAS RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP – 10 rally special stages for Sports, Sedan and Compacts (8 players)

11 : FALLING IN LOVE – Funny race with one goal : climb up Chiliad with the Monster Truck. Big downhill at the end. (16 players)

12 : THE TRAINEE’S DAY – Race with Faggios in the Vinewood Studios ! Playable in GTA mode. (16 players)

13 : OBSERVATORY CIRCUIT – Classic race for all vehicles inspired by the irl Spa-Francorchamps. (16 players)

14 : RALLY OF PALETO BAY – Very technical race with a rally inspiration for all cars in and around Paleto Bay. (16 players)

15 : BIKER-DOCKER – Point to point for bikes in the city with traffic and several shortcuts. Ending on the docks of LS. (16 players)

16 : THE ITALIAN JOB – Point to point with the compact Issi through the subway tunnels. (16 players)

17 : THE CHASE – Classic race in downtown who simulate a chase with police for all vehicles. Several shortcuts and tricky parts. (16 players)

18 : COAST TO COAST – 2 fast races for supercars and offroad vehicles with a same goal : reach the West coast as fast as you can. (16 players)

19 : BEACH SLALOM – Big slalom on the beach with Dune Buggy and Bifta. Playable in GTA mode. (16 players)

20 : GRAND SENORA RACEWAY – Classic race for all vehicles inspired by the irl Laguna Seca, short and technical track in the desert. (16 players)

BONUS TRACK : SEE YOU DOWN ! – Downhill Mountain Biking

Don’t hesitate to tell me your feedback ! That helps me to create better races ! Hope to see you on tracks ! Sami

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