This month Scuba wants you to join her in a festival of self sacrificial pandemonium!

Inspired by her mate BinchenChaos’s latest explosion themed Snapmatic competition Scuba has decided that she wants this months Stupid Saturday to go with a BANG!  and has created this little instruction pamphlet to let all those attending know what to do!


1. Russian Roulette –  part one.

The idea behind this is very simple – everyone present will need to get their Grenade Launchers out. A brave individual then goes up to a nominated vehicle and hit it once (by pressing “O” on your controller) Turns will then be taken to do the same eventually the vehicle in question will explode and the explodee will go through an almost religeous reincarnation process and score some kudos !

2.Russian Roulette – part two.

This will take place in the car park outside Los Santos Customs. The idea is this – park a few cars in a circle and then take it in turns to plant a remote bomb on a random car. Everyone apart from the bomber must be out of sight of the car park while the bomb planting ritual takes place. Once the bomber has planted the explosive everyone moves back to the car park and takes a turn to guess which car has the bomb in it. The winner is the one who survives the longest without exploding – clear?

3. Maze Bank Human Bar Skittles.

Third attempt at making this happen as last month someone blew up the Cargobob on the roof of the bank! As the title suggests this is a game of bar skittles using people as pins on top of The Maze Bank. One player in a Cargobob with a tank suspended underneath will try and knock everyone off the top and the last gal standing will win. Might be a bit tricky to pull off as first of all a Cargobob needs to be found. The top of the bank needs to be clear of obstructions so getting everyone up to the top may be hard, but we will give it a try ;-P

4.Kamikaze jets

Using an idea just given to me by GottaPlayGTA – A few of us will stand close together at the very top of Mount Chilliad while the others will go and find a jet. Without firing rockets or guns the Jet Pilot will attempt to fly the plane directly into the standing crowd with the option to jump out last second and survive for bonus kudos!

5.Rhino Rodeo

Apparently a regular favourite at Pussi Riot – Xbox parties. The idea is simple someone gets in a tank and starts spinning round like a whirling dervish while a bunch of us try and stay on top for as long as possible. The winner is the one who stays on the longest obviously!

As well as all this Scuba will be launching playlists of crew created jobs party games and wacky stunt races later on so she hopes to see you all there.

Peace Scuba 😉


  1. Just want to let you guys know that there is a Cargobob that sits at Ron’s airfield. I am not for sure if that would be any different on the Playstation version but I thought I would let you know to possibly save you from trying to get one from Fort Zancudo. Wish I could join you guys. Hope you have fun!

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