Pussi Riot, thinking outside the box?

Hi peeps, We are looking at how we can improve everyone’s experience in the crew and we feel that we have outgrown our current web presence and it just isn’t adequate for our needs anymore.

This current site is a free blog provided by wordpress, which is completely free of charge so we cant complain too about it but it has served its purpose.

I have been considering our options and decided to get a domain (a www.) that we own and host ourselves. This means we will be able to do more cool things for the crew then we can currently, such as:

No ads cramping our style
Can put a stop to crappy companies appearing on our posts

Have a better navigation function on the website
So its easier and quicker to find what you want.

Live user and crew stats integrated into the website*
Crew user data fed into the website via a custom API script , so crew  leader boards, 10 top ten lists for this and that, plus user stats on profiles (*=maybe, depending on what the R* will allow us to do)

Integrate a forum into the our website
This will mean posts, notifications, questions will not be lost like they currently do on the R* site and our current blog site. At the mo stuff is buried way too easily.

More structure on the website
To allow us to focus the crew on events, competitions, tournaments with a dedicated homepage has all planned events on.

Higher search engine standing
Which would give us greater coverage on the internet and allow potential new members to find us easier.

Greater customisation and a custom wordpress theme
Which allows us to adjust, modify, update all aspects of the website going forward.

No limit on youtube videos posted on the blog
Currently we can only link in a certain amount of videos which sucks primo style.

No limit on our media uploads
Although we have only used up a small % of our allotted space there is a caped limit, hosting our selves means no limit.

Personal pussi riot email addresses
Another bonus of having no limit on shit allows us to have mailboxes so we can each have an official pussi riot email address like binchenchaos@pussiriot.com or blondarus@pussiriot.com! I think this is real cool and unique but I may have completely misjudged it. Let me know below

What you guys think… is this a good idea?



8 thoughts on “Pussi Riot, thinking outside the box?

  1. Will this upgrade cost you any money? I’m guessing it will, but is it really worth the trouble? This site is good enough, I’d hate for someone to have to use their own money for this =/

  2. I’m with ETERNITY on this. While I’m all up for our own domain and such, I’m concerned about costs and such. How will we fund this? How will we maintain this? What will this mean for our members? Personally, I really wish I could spare something, but I’m working two jobs and barely keeping the lights on. I keep this because GTA keeps me from losing my mind.

    I want us to grow, I do love this Crew. (So much I’ve turned down offers from who knows how many other crews), and I want us to keep rocking awesome.

  3. hi, well yes, it is going to cost money. Not just that time as well. We are very lucky in respects that I have had a volunteer from within the riot (FyrePlum) offer the help me on the build of the new site. which means we are not having to pay for the design (as I will do it, I am a pro designer if you didn’t already know) or the development (FyrePlum is a web developer who has worked building site sin wordpress for many many years).

    All this means that we are essentially getting a £5,000 website for free! Although we still have to pay for the: domain name & hosting the design and development would be free (well just mine and FyrePlum time).

  4. Well, I think its a good idea, and it would be great if this happened, its just where does the money come from is the real question here I guess. I personally have no money to put towards something like this, and I’d hate to use the website while others are paying for it. That would make me feel like a freeloader =( Perhaps the site could make use of ads for some extra money?

  5. iim mixed on this subject on one hand its a great idea and love it on the other hand this site works too and I don’t want anyone to have to pay out of pocket for it

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