Pussi Riot Golf Matchplay Championship Brackets

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Greetings to all you budding young Paula Creamers out there (Shes a female golfer….)

Well it has been a while but we at the Los Santos Golf Club have finally got our houses in order and done the draw for the very first Pussi Riot Golf Matchplay Championships.

Oh and if I type gold instead of golf one more time I am going to scream….

Anyway here are the brackets beautifully created by Backof.


Click on the image to get a better view of it…

Now incase you are wondering how the draw was determined basically I listed all the teams 1-16 and asked Backof to provide me with a random list of numbers from 1-16. After this I matched them up and thus the brackets were formed.

There are still some questions to be asked here however. How many of the people listed are still playing?? I really need people to chase up their partners who have gone AWOL to confirm they are still participating.

As you can see their are dates for each round to be completed. However you can play any time before this date to get your matches complete. If I say we start properly from this Friday (29th August) and if we dont at least have people confirmed by Sunday September 7th we can look at replacing those who dont partake. Hopefully though it wont come to that.

There are a couple of players who have been teamed up at random (Polska and Angelwatcher for example) if you are not happy with your team mates then get it sorted quickly!

You will also notice there are two teams with one player each. Again find a team mate or I will put you both together and have the remaining slot left as a lucky loser slot.

Ok do I need to add anything else?
I really would appreciate some feedback on this if you are still playing just so I know where we stand in terms of brackets.

Once your game is complete here is the score card for one of your foursome to complete. Once submitted I will post the scorecard and if any objections are to be made you will have three days to do so! I would like to think that wont be the case though as we dont have cheats here! Mistakes can happen though of course.


Other than that just enjoy yourselves!

The Los Santos Golf Club


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