The RAT training plan


Here is the Riot Alpha Taskforce training plan for the next month. All Rioters are welcome to join us but RAT members get priority.

Friday, 12th. September: 20:00 GMT(0) auto aim

Dresscode: Trainings outfit: sporty pants, tanktop or sweatshirt, sporty shoes, colour and accessories freely selectable.

Hour 1: Group photo and gun range
Afer we filled the lobby we make a group shot at the sports field on the campus. Please make sure you clear your stars before you come to the field, so we can calmly make the pic. Once we finished with the shooting we drive directly to the gun range where we spend the rest of the hour. The firing practices are just for two players. I will write you ingame if you have to host the firing practices or if you have to wait for a invite.

Hour 2: Crew created TDM
At hour 2 we will play 5 crew created TDM´s. Every map 10 minutes. If you want that we play your Teamdeathmatch please send me a link to your map, the only condition is that it must be created for 16 player. All Rioters are welcome to send me links to there jobs.

Hour 3: Crew created Capture
We will play 4 Captures. Please send me your created Captures too.

Friday, 19th. September: 20:00 GMT(0) free aim

Dresscode: military look

Hour 1: group photo and missions
We start the evening with a shooting again. Dressed in military outfit we will meet at the sandy shores airfield. Please bring no cops! After the shooting we start doing some missions as warm up in free aim. I will inform you ingame who are the hosts. We start with the mission Mikado (4 player). After this mission just choose a mission from the voting screen. If you get kicked your host will send you a invite for the next job. If all get kicked the host will start a new one and invite the others.

Hour 2: Survival
The second hour we will do some free aim survivals.

Hour 3: Teamdeathmatch
Five Rockstar created maps, every 10 minutes and free aim.

Saturday, 27th. September: 20:00 GMT(0) auto aim

At this training session i will split you in two teams. One team will play with Pussi Riot as crew the others with the Riot Alpha Taskforce. I need do know in advance who will participate at this evening to make balanced teams. I want that we train our teamplay.

The Fireteam will work in pairs. The both (or may four) will be fight on the front of our unit. Stay near to your partner, take a look what he is doing, give your partner cover; increase the understanding between one another.

The Strike Section will support the Fireteam and follow the instruction from the commander. A blog post about the letter signs which the commander will use follows before the 27th. September. Here is on for example:


Train your close combat skills but also your mid range and heavy weapon skills. Use the Minigun or blow the enemy up with the rocket launcher.

The Stealth Cell using sniper rifle and weapons with silencer. Sneak around and prevent to make any noise. Use this training to improve your stealth skills. One of the Stealth Cell in every team gets the commando.

At this training session it is not important to win or make many kills. I want you to play as a Team. Cover your teammates, don´t run around alone (except the stealth cell), follow the letter signs and watch what your teammates are doing.

Dresscode: will be choosen by the two commandos.

Hour 1: 5 x Rockstar created maps
Hour 2: 5 x Rockstar verified maps
Hour 3: 5 x Crew created maps

Tips and tricks from our commish blondarus:

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