August Party – Aero themed


Hi gals, Its party time (again!!!) at the end of the week at the normal time 20:30 (GMT 0). For this party we will be having the same hostess and party reps as last time out.

This is because I am away again and its best to keep some continuity plus I know these girls will look after you. BTW; If any of you would like to be a party rep, just let me or any of the high ranking crew know and we will get you on board and briefed in time for the september party.


The focus of this party is an Aero theme, with the main event being the VS/Capture playlist which has 4 events in it, all either starting in planes or them being the main mode of transport. So I expect everyone to be in there flightsuit & have the crew coloured smoke purchased and enabled for when you bail.

We are also running a parachute playlist. This is the first time we have done this and I know what your going to say…. and I appreciate its not the most popular event category on offer but please stick with it as it should at least be a giggle and provide a few laughs plus the awesome sight of all of you with pink smoke flowing out of your butts!

Party Reps:

1)  2)  3)
Egimage (sami)         Gagagolightly       Binchenchaos

Party Host

Raxo D –  aka Grody

The reps have been briefed, the playlists prepped, we just waiting for the clock to roll down then its party time! Its the same process as usual with everyone joining the party hostess in a closed crew lobby (so look out for invites). The host will be running Impromptu Races to Gang Attack locations while the lobby fills up to capacity.

Once full… then a playlist will be started by the 1st party rep. Please… all of you join this as we need to clear the lobby for the peeps waiting to get in. Even if you aren’t too much of a fan of the mode the party rep is running, you will be able to play all the playlists on offer over the course of the night just by sticking with 1 party rep.

The process will then be repeated until the lobby is full and the 2nd party rep starts the next playlist, so it doesn’t matter which party rep you are with or time you arrive. I would advise to arrive on time that way it can get under way quicker and you can play more playlists.

You should all be able to play all of the playlists over the party event and if you can stick around til hour 4 we will mount an assault on the military base!

Have fun peeps


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