Pussi Riot Matchplay Championship final briefing.

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Hello Ladies. Just before we commence on our first ever Pussi Riot golfing event I thought it may be prudent to explain how it is going to work.

I have posted the general rules before but just so we are clear:

There is no set time or date to play your matches. We do a time scale in terms of a final date to play a round of matches however which are:

  1. Round One – 15th September
  2. Round Two – 30th September
  3. Round Three – 15th October

The players you are paired up with need to arrange your own match ups so that they are best suited to you. Make sure you all agree when the official match is taking place as we dont want people saying they didnt know it was an official match!

It may be best to have a PSN chat conversation when the match is going on just so everyone is aware of whats going on.

I aware there may be disconnections. For now I suggest that you sort that out between yourselves and be reasonable. For example if a player DC’s before hole 3 then start the game again if the scores are close. If somebody is losing by a massive amount going in to hole 8 and DCs use common sense! Just make sure you record what the score was before the DC. If you can not come to an arrangement regarding this then I will gather all the evidence and put it to a panel to decide the result. Hopefully though this wont need to happen!

Select one of the players in your foursome to be the score submitter.

Once your match is over you MUST submit your scores via the official score sheet.

So for example:

Match Up:
Bondarus/Muhmuhhuh vs Scuba/Egimage

Player 1 score
Bondarus -3

Player 2 score
muhmuhhuh -2

Player 3 score
Scuba -2

Player 4 score
Egimage -5

Further Info

You can use further info to point out if a DC happened and no middle ground could be found or hey just use it to say how great I am!

Once the score is submitted I will post it onto the blog in an official score sheet page. I will notify on Social Club that a score has gone up. You have THREE DAYS to object to any score that gets posted. Not that you will have to do that as we are all lovely trustworthy people of course!

The competition will be played under sudden death rules. Your team only has one opportunity to progress so make your chance count.

Matches will be played over 9 holes. After the nine holes are played a designated player must submit the match “scorecard” to the PRGA Official (erm..me) so all results can be tracked and added to the brackets. Teams scores will be added up and the lowest score will be the winner.

In the event of a tie a further 4 holes must be played to determine a winner. If after 4 holes the result is still a  tie we will enter sudden death mode where the first team to drop a shot (after all 4 golfers have played the hole) will be eliminated.   The winners will advance to the next round. This will need recording in the further info box.

Now there will be some people who dont play of this I am sure. And we still need a partner for Deathlybeauty. This will be fixed over the course of the next week or so I am sure. If your partner has gone AWOL please let me know and I will see what I can do in terms of either chasing them up or allocating new partners to people.

Oh and when we play can we try and dress up in golf gear?? The club has a reputation to uphold and more importantly its a great photo opportunity. Take as much photos as you can!

So thats it. Start whenever you like and above all have fun!


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