PUSSI PRESS: Aug. Crew-Party Review


You missed the last Crew party? No problem.
Read all about it in the Pussi Press.






(click on the image to get a larger view)

The party was awesome and we had many fun. We had some connection troubles but not so much as usually. I miss a little bit the other free roam activities like manhunt or themed group photos. May we can do that sometimes again. This time the most of the peeps joint the Playlist, but some did not. I don´t know if this is cuz they don´t know that they should join or if they just prefer to stay in the lobby. But at all playlist enough player joined to have fun so it wasn´t a big problem that some stayed in the lobby.


3 thoughts on “PUSSI PRESS: Aug. Crew-Party Review

  1. Ahh, just lmao again. Thats was a brilliant summary! Just as I remember. Peeing and all. Thanks for helping facilitate the festivities and this awesome review. I cant say it enough, BC you rock!
    Grody, was great with her helicopter pick up and drop offs at the base btw. Greatly appreciated. Im down to 1 more firework. Saving it for next month 🙂 thanks to the brass and the base xoxo

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