Introducing: A Hot Exciting Heart Attack Inducing New Minigame… Hide-And-Seek!

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We all remember those afternoons after school. Standing around the ‘base tree’, running away as quietly as humanly possible as the ‘it’ begins counting up to ten. Not a single game was boring, so why not bring this age old game into Los Santos?


Now before I begin, I have to give Devlin some credit. Their Purge made me come up with the idea to create a GTA hide-and-seek variant. So kudos to you Devo! 🙂

The rules:

The rules aren’t very different from the real life version. Continue reading

PS3 – September party review…of a fashion…

Blondie street


Okay, so let’s get this out of the the way right off the bat. I screwed up. I’ d downloaded all the right playlists in to my game when they were announced earlier in the week. I wrote their names down on a piece of paper and decided which order I’d run them on the night. Bosh. Blondie showing an unusually high level of organisational skills.

However, come party time I notice that the only one showing on my bookmarked playlists was Sammy’s mountain bike mayhem (as I like to call it)! I have a whole page of playlists but none of the ones meant for last night. DOH! A word to the wise, when preparing for a crew party, along with clearing out your snapmatic, make sure you’ve made space on your bookmarked playlists for the new ones you are intending to download! Continue reading

RAT Training CHANGES!!!


I have to change the plan for the RAT Training this saturday because of different reasons. One of them is that I need more time to get a list of participants. The other is that I have to make some changes at the event (like less or shorter playlist, may I drop the group photo cuz it always takes us ages to do it and at the end we don´t get one with all in it). We catch up on it next month, a blog post will follow soon.

Instead I will host this saturday different Deathmatches and Captures all night long. Every Rioter is welcome, just watch out for my invite. If you want me to host one of your created jobs just message me.

I hope to see many of you. Looking forward to play with you all!