Farming for Crew Video Ideas

Hello fellow rioters!

First I should introduce myself as I am a new blog contributor. My name is FyrePlum and I joined the PUSS crew a few weeks ago. I ended up joining this crew because I was ambushed by a lobby full of rioters. I was just minding my own business in free roam one day when out of nowhere came a fire truck full of PUSS girls and then flying bullets and then death. Respawned long enough to open the weapon wheel, then BAM….dead again. And again. And AGAIN! What was my reaction to this bullied attack? I want in on that action!

Turns out this crew is really awesome! Very welcoming, loyal, and a blast! This crew is seriously badass and I have decided that we need to showcase this badassery. I recently got a PVR and want to make a crew video that highlights the very essence of this crew. I will be collaborating with Eltax to create this video.

Unfortunately, I only have the ability showcase players from the Xbox side, but if any of you can get clips from the PSN side, then I would be more than happy to put them in the video as well.

So while I am good at learning the technical side of things I lack a bit in the vision and creativity required to create something cool. I wanted to see if any of you had some ideas for scenes to put in the video. I do know that I want the very last scene of the video to show a group of rioters walking towards the camera in slow motion while there is a massive explosion behind them but that is all I’ve got for the moment.

Eltax sent me this video as a sort of inspiration: She wants to do something like this Pussi Riot style.
Comment here or message me or Eltax on SC with your ideas. I would like to start putting a storyboard together within the next couple of weeks. I am thinking maybe a 2 -3 minute montage-like video. Perhaps having 10-15 second segments featuring some notable or active crew members.

I will be taking video of the Xbox crew party tonight and am sure I will be able to find some clips to use from that.  After we get the storyboard laid out, Eltax and I would like to organize an xbox meetup were we can shoot some of the specific scenes. It doesn’t have to be from one meeting, we can maybe get together with a couple rioters one day, a few others another day. We can also schedule shoots in various time zones as well.

I am really looking forward to the end product. What do I get out of all this? Nothing more than a cool video of the bad bitches of Los Santos for your amusement and enjoyment. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Farming for Crew Video Ideas

  1. First of all great first post fyreplum, I like the idea for the ending with the explosion, you could have everyone walk the way they are in the picture but have whoever is in the middle hold a jerry can. You could also show some stunts, Chase scenes and of course someone getting shot to hell. I hope it turns out the way you want it to and I like how you joined the crew most people would’ve rage quit but I’m glad you didn’t because you’ve turned out to be a great crew member ^_^

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