Pussi Riot Aniversary Awards

This is an old post that I am recycling as it didnt get much interest when I posted in many months ago. I guess I was just think too far ahead… But as its just 5 weeks away it seems like a good time to renew peeps interest. so here it is:

About PRAA

The awards will be staged to coincide with our 1 year anniversary (October). The awards will highlight the known and un-sung hero’s within the crew. With categories from anything like “most insane” to “best dressed” and more traditional categories like “most improved” or “most consistent” the important thing is to make it fun and inclusive . The award voting with be correlated by custom polls run through the blog, with winner announced in further blog posts.

The Roles:
PRA – Event Organiser
Responsible for the selection of awards categories. Collating an award member shortlist for each category. Selection of prizes awarded. Format of the award ceremony (if we have one at all???) and selecting the “operating committee”. This operating committee will advise all the elements listed above.

Anyone up for the challenge?


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