R o s e, a bold soul that loves chaos


A bold soul that loves chaos, silent as she is, gets the job done with a word said behind. riot is her background, execution is her key.

The quote ‘who ever laughs last, laughs better’ is her stronghold. Although only acts as a mime, that won’t stop her to hesitate on eliminating whoever crosses the goal aiming for. One thing is for certain, she loves too much to let anyone die for her, better a rose than a thorn rot down in a desert cup.


  • Name: Call me Mich or Rose, whichever you prefer.
  • Date of birth: January 5th, 1992
  • Age: 22
  • Relationship status: Hunting, To be Haunted.
  • Sex: Who ever deserves it.
  • Enjoys: Masturbating, Sex, Good Company, Drinking, Naughtiness, Indie Music.
  • Religious views: Life is one, live it out the best way you can. your decisions mark your responsibility.
  • Political views: Too open minded to care about it.
  • GMT +/-:  0 (UK)
  • Platform: PSN (Heatbeatrace)




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