The Drought Sign Up & Briefing

What will happen to San Andreas when the world runs out of oil? Will you share the same fate as the North Pole, or will you become one of those gnarly skimpy dressed post apocalyptic cult leaders? Find out in the 16 player 2 team survival mega mini game, The Drought.

Two teams fight for survival in a virtually abandoned Los Santos filled with factions of bloodthirsty survivalists, car wrecks and no police whatsoever. Over the course of 9 missions consisting of deathmatches, races and captures, you fight the other team, the computer and even the clock to obtain food, ammunition, fuel, transportation and eventually power.


Sounds like a good ol’ time, right? Here are the details

  • It’s a PS3 only event. Sorry Xboxers 😦
  • The Drought will take place on Friday October the 3rd at 9PM GMT.
  • You can’t pick team mates, since the game is ‘kind’ enough to do that for us.
  • I have no idea just how much time this whole thing will take, my guess is about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Before we start the playlist, I will invite all of you into a private lobby.

For information on the plot and missions, please refer to the following link:

For tips and tricks, please refer to the strategy guide:

And last but not least, a link to the playlist:

Confirmed players:

  • Blondarus
  • Alleksander
  • GagaGolightly
  • Murphacus
  • Sade_Queenbee2
  • MLP_Carley
  • Dr. Rosenthal
  • Muhmuhhuh
  • Scuba Chirst (reserve)
  • BinchenChoas
  • Swashbuckler
  • Sam Vercetti
  • Backof
  • Catfacecat
  • Jenpab
  • Randy Lahey
  • Grody-to-the-max

7 thoughts on “The Drought Sign Up & Briefing

    • I thought about doing that, but it wouldn’t be very democratic, as not everyone is in the RAT. I trust the computer will create equally strong teams 🙂

    • Tsk tsk tsk, someone didn’t do their homework :p “The Drought will take place on Friday October the 3rd at 9PM GMT”

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