The Drought Strategy Guide – How not to die to live to die and be resurrected another day

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Shooting baddies is one thing, but it’s another to actually win the mission. To give everyone an edge, thus giving you none, here are some tips and tricks to keep you from having to resort to cannibalism.


Gun Run

This deathmatch is pretty straightforward, with the exception being that you start off unarmed and that there are a mere 14 gun spawn points. Be careful not to waste any bullets. Running out of ammunition is a serious risk. Protect unarmed team mates and stick together on this small map. The best guns are located in high locations and can only be gotten to by going around the back of the building.

Better Late Than Never

In this capture you have to steal a variety of biodiesel cars from a faction played by the computer. To get there you have to take your bmx and look all cool jumping over wreckage. Once there you have to take out a large number of NPCs and likely the other team. If you didn’t capture enough vehicles on your first attempt, keep one vehicle undelivered, so that you can move your team mates back quickly.

Shopping Killing Spree

I hope you know the streets well, because the route on your GPS may not be the fastest. The street with the food has two entries, one in the front and one in the back. So you can either go in guns blazing or split up and have a few people shoot them in the back. The less than ladylike can take a different approach. Each team starts out with a small supply of food that you can steal (so be sure to assign some people to guard the food at your own base). In addition to that, you can also steal their only 4 vehicles, making their way home much much longer. Which reminds me. Wait for your team mates before driving off!

Going Green… Ironically

The first of two team GTA races. In these races all your weapons are unlocked and you’re expected to not only race but also shoot your way to first place. Avoid the bullets and wreckage and you’ll be fine. (And be a good sport, don’t PIT people off)

Border Hoarder

There’s no time to lose on this one. Quickly make your way onto the highway and to the Merryweather checkpoint. When you arrive it’s blitzkrieg time. They’re incredibly strong and will keep spawning, so quickly grab the Stockades on the left and make a run for it. In addition steal the high powered guns on the right, because you’ll need them. It doesn’t say “steal everything” for nothing! If you feel like playing dirty, you can set up your own checkpoint to prevent the other team from reaching the Merryweather one.

Going Places

The second and final team GTA race. The same goes for this one, only now you’re driving offroad, so focus on your driving rather than your shooting.

Loose Ends

This capture probably isn’t like any you’ve played so far. Merryweather is about to make off with all your supplies. The goal is to keep them away and to take the bags inside quicker than the other team on the other side of Blaine County. My only advise is for someone to stay back and pick them off with a sniper rifle.

Joan of Blaine County

This deathmatch is very open, so good cover is vital. Some ledges have sandbags on them, but the rest of the map offers little to no cover. You can use the vehicles scattered around as mobile cover, but that will also highlight you on the mini map. Watch out for snipers and go from gun to gun, they’re all neatly tucked away behind sandbags.

Breach of Contract

The grand finale! I’ve saved the toughest one for last. Drop your team mates off on the south side of the base. The open area in the north may look tempting to land in, but don’t give in to temptation. That area is occupied by three NPC operated tanks you’ll have to destroy to get to 2 of the 6 cases. Luckily you have your own guns back, so RPG away! It’s best not to land your helicopters at all. If they’re destroyed your chances of winning are greatly reduced. Instead use them to pick up and drop off team mates who have been killed, otherwise they’ll have to drive all the way back and find another way in. But if all goes well you’ll only have to go in once.

Okay that’s about it. Good luck everyone and may the best woman win 🙂



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