New Radio Gaga Show Coming Soon










Hola gals, I hope you all enjoyed my first attempt at a radio show playlist. Your song choices were great and I thank you so much for that. I had many problems doing this and found a way past them. In the future I am hoping to put my shows on Pussi Riot Productions You Tube channel. Since I go on holiday soon I will be doing my next show after so all of you have time to send your song choices to me again. If you sent me songs in the past that did not make the first show please send me again. All I would like is the singer/band and the name of the song/tune and Send me on social club personal message.

Thank you all for reading and tuning in 🙂

Here is the song list and radio show 🙂 also the rioters who chosen them. Blondie and Backof choices were taken off the blog from there favourite song posts 😃.  Also if I make any mistakes with these please pm me and I will make changes 😜. Enjoy.

1- Harold faltermeyer – Axel F— GAGAGolightly 
2- David Bowie – Space Oddity– sammy
3- The Doors – People are strange— Binchen 
4- Jan Hammer – crocketts theme—randylahey911
5- The cure- Friday I’m in love— Blondarus
6- Toto – Africa— Blondarus 
7- Starship – we built this city— Blondarus
8- Lilly wood and the prick and robin Shultz – prayer in c— Bigpack
9- Rammstein – Sonne— GAGAGolightly 
10- Bikini kill – Rebel girl— Combatguppy
11- The knife – Heartbeats— Backof
12- Supergrass – Alright— Binchen 
13- TITO & TARANTULA – After Dark— sammy
14- Soul 11 soul – back to life— Backof
15- House of pain – jump around— Scuba
16- M.I.A – Bad girls— Combatguppy
17- Whale – I’ll do Ya— Muhmuhhuh 
18- Muse – Plug in baby— GAGAGolightly 
19- Goldfrapp – Ooh la la— Backof
20- Coolio – Gangster’s paradise— GAGAGolightly 
21- Belle and Sebastian – Legal Man— Muhmuhhuh
22- 2Pac – Changes— Bigpack
23- Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to jungle— randylahey911
24- Queens of the Stone Age – Battery Acid— Muhmuhhuh 
25- Amy Holland – She’s on fire— GAGAGolightly 
26- Olive – You’re not alone— GAGAGolightly 











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