The Riot Air Force try outs


The RAF tryouts will start soon!

This will work a lot like the RAT tryouts with these playlists being run regularly over the next month or so. If you are interested… we are looking for a final cut of 20 or so of the best rioters for our airborne wing. We will eventually have Crew V Crew battles just like the Riot Alpha Taskforce and will be a squad leader and their second in command to run the unit just like Grody and BinchenChaos do for the RAT.

The 2 playlists we will be running for the try outs are:

16 player playlist:

  • Acquire Targets I
  • Acquire Targets II
  • Acquire Targets III
  • Battle of Los Santos LTS
  • flight for your right
  • The SA Flight School pack
  • chasses aux chasseurs !!!

8 player playlist:

  • GTA: Airheads
  • Top Fun I
  • Top Fun II
  • Top Fun III
  • Vulture Capital
  • Air Force Zero I
  • Air Force Zero II
  • Air Force Zero III
  • GTA: Wingmen
  • Contend: Crowded Airspace



We will also be looking to create a pink arrows aerobatic team made out of the best 8 pilots, to do this we will be running a sandbox style deathmatch with nothing but pink Besra’s. The goal in this is to follow the leader while performing barrel rolls, twists, loops and inverted flights. We will also have a go at close formation flights as per the flight school final mission. We be trying such crazy things like…

EAGLE formation & DIAMOND  formation


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