Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 1st boogie – 14th September 2014


We will open a closed crew lobby at around 20:30 (GMT 0) on Sunday the 14th September 2014.

Once it fills up to at least 8 players we will impromptu race to different parachuting trigger points on the map. The prize for being one of the 1st to arrive the location in the impromptu race  means you get to launch the mission. Make sure you just select from “in current session”, that way it will stop any riff raff joining the proceedings. If we have more then 8 racers, the peeps that dont make it just set a new race to another trigger point and so on.

At the top of each hour, we kick off a sami’s dropzone playlist, I plan for us to run the playlist a couple times over the course of the evening.

Parachute playlist:

GAME MODE: Parachuting

  • View of Vespucci
  • Jump Wings
  • Timber
  • The Cove
  • Desert
  • The Shed
  • Holding Pattern
  • Cleared for Landing
  • Take the Plunge
  • Under The Radar

In the coming months, our boogies will introduce goals by creating different sandbox style death-matches where the aim is to jump/dive and land on specific targets (stationary & moving), with these getting more and more elaborate as the better we become. The new 16 seater Miljet will come in useful for this.

We will use this to ferry 15 jumpers with 1 pilot, maybe we will keep 1 player on the ground in a flatbed truck so we can have a moving target to land on.

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