Pussi Riot world domination


Progress, inevitable in its quickening march forward at an ever increasing pace. Like the passing of the seasons and the rise of the sun there is nothing that can stop it. Progress, striving for excellence and achieving much more. Progress…

From my recent post where I encouraged you all to give me feedback (on what your thoughts are to a new website). It seems that while the majority are keen a lot of you are worried about the cost. I understand your apprehension as no one wants to be forced to do or pay for anything they dont want. If you are in the 7.5% of the crew that doesnt want a new better site, you are not expected or bound to contribute.


I have agreed with an Xbox rioter (fyreplum) that both of us will produce the website on our own time at no cost to the crew at all. We are both doing this for the same reason. We love GTA and we love the crew. Because we are both in the website design & development game its easy for us to imagine and execute a custom wordpress theme build purely for our needs.

This will help the crew grow and become more organised and focused and attract more members. We both plan to spend 40 plus hours in creating this site for free for the crew. We don’t want your money or want to place adverts on the site. We want this to be our new hub of operation free from compromise.

Although we can offer all our services for gratis. The domain purchasing companies and hosting providers will need some silver to cross their palms. This means we need to raise a small amount of money to purchase the domain, allow wordpress to map our urls to our new domain, plus pay for some hosting.

I must make this clear, you do NOT have to contribute to this (the project will go-head anyway regardless). We should be able to raise the required amount. We only need a few crew members chip in very small amount each. Even if only 1o% of the crew donate we will achieve our total (depending on each amount). Anyone that does contribute will get a “Pussi Riot” email address for there character (once the new site is set up) AND will go to front of the queue for when we start to produce Riot clothing, artwork, accessories & figures. Just make sure you tag your user name if you do!

Again I encourage you all to give us comments and thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Pussi Riot world domination

  1. I’m eager to see what comes of this, my only regret is that I can’t spare much, if anything at all. Got laid off my first job so I’m down to working one job, barely pulling in 500$ a month. Only reason I keep paying the internet bill is because I’d go insane in a bad way otherwise, and y’all let me live out that fantasy I have of just going bat shit psycho with big guns.

    I look forward to our new home!

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