please donate to the riot’s new website fund

Hi peeps,


I dont want it to seem like you HAVE to give anything. You dont. We only need a small percentage of you (out of the 350 total crew) to give a handful of dollars. If everyone that filled out the poll gives what they pledged, we have enough for [not just] this years but next years hosting and domain licensing too. The more that is given the more our future is secured and allows us do other cool things like; producing riot branded merchandise & extra website development.

Why we need it:

  • Domain purchase
  • Domain Hosting
  • Forum template purchase

Which will allow us to:

  • Remove the ads that cramping our style
  • Have a better navigation function on the website
  • Live user and crew stats integrated into the website*
  • Integrate a forum into the our website
  • More structure on the website
  • Higher search engine standing
  • Create Custom built wordpress theme
  • No limit on youtube videos posted on the blog
  • No limit on our media uploads

What you get as a bonus for contributing:

  • Sneak peak at the new website design
  • Input into further website development direction
  • Official Pussi Riot email
  • Preferential treatment
  • 1 x Foot massage from Grody

Also… here are some photo’s of The Rock and The Shatner.




5 thoughts on “please donate to the riot’s new website fund

  1. I’ll get the massage oil =_=
    By the way, if you install adblock plus and ghostery, you’ll never see an ad ever again 🙂

  2. I dont make online transactions ever. But if I were this would be a noble cause.Also, I am concerned about the whole next gen thing. Will this include ps3 and ps4? I am on the fence about the switch. Im fine with continued ps3 use but want to play with my favorite Rioters. An updated poll on everyones intentions will help me plan my future. What to do!?! : O

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