Tunez – Kate Bush

I like a lot of bands, and I mean a LOT of bands, so it’s hard for one to really stand out and be my absolute favourite. especially if it’s ‘just’ an artist.

I think what makes Kate Bush’s music so great is that she adds a a certain theatrical element that’s unseen in the pop genre. Her movements and facial expressions go together with her whimsical voice so congruently, she’ll gently scoop you up and make you float away

She started writing her own songs at an impressive eleven years of age, heavily inspired by the folk/traditional music her musically inclined parents listened to, although as a child her music was far from what it would later become. Looking for a way to add more expression to her music, she was lucky to find an ad in the paper for a show by Lindsay Kemp. Who according to her, was expressing so much with just movement, and probably more than people do with their mouths.

I think her music says so much more than any ridiculously fast paced rapper reciting War and Peace could ever do.

So that’s what I think of her. See if you agree…

Her big breakthrough. Inspired by the BBC miniseries and based on the book of the same name. She wrote the entire song in just a few hours late at night. There’s also an outdoor video for the US release, which I personally like better, but it doesn’t catch her movements as well as the UK version does.

This song is about a wife who tests her husband’s loyalty by sending him notes under the pseudonym “Babooshka”, a younger woman who her husband sees as the opposite of her.

A few small time robbers are about to rob a bank. They’ve been planning it for months, but now that it’s actually happening they’re starting to freak out, become paranoid and just want to go home. A bit like Rockstar and their heists. It never really gained much media interest and is therefore considered a ‘lost single’

Her second big hit. It’s about men and women often not understanding each other because of their (gender) roles, and that the only way to really do, is to make a deal with God to switch them up. Originally it was going to be a deal with the devil, but she thought: “well, no, why not a deal with God!”

This article is already cramped with Youtube players, so I won’t add any more, but if you’d like to listen to some more of Kate Bush’s music, here are links to some of her other great songs:

Cloudbusting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRHA9W-zExQ

Army Dreamers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWdHOm256N4

Hounds of Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VerK4zwMRQw


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