Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 1st boogie review

We had our first ever PRDC boogie last weekend. It was a load of fun.

We had an average turn out. I was worried there would be more demand then places but as luck would have it, was exactly the right number for the parachuting playlist Sami had set up. This went really well with with BC winning the playlist and Minty not far behind. Poor old Brownbia didn’t pick up a point in all 10 jumps! Which got real funny by round 6 but was utterly depressing by round 10.

In-between playlists we impromptu raced to different parachute trigger points which was a load of fun and I was surprised how fast the time went. These jumps were fun and we got to be some parachute courses we had not done before. One jump called “Timber” was awesome, as it allows players to skydive through all the checkpoints down to about 75ft before deploying the chutes with only 3 checkpoints to pass through before the finish line. The session that had a quick pace, not much downtime and with the games not taking long, it never got boring or interrupted by disconnections. Although I do wish we had the option to have 16 jumpers rather then just 8.

If we do get closer to a fuller lobby in the future. The boogies will introduce missions by creating different goals where the aim is to jump/dive and land on specific targets (stationary & moving), with these getting more and more elaborate as the better we become. The new 16 seater Miljet will come in useful for this im sure! See ya at the next event in October.



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