Where does your character own property – GTA Crew Map Project

GTA Crew Map Project

I have a new little project I am working on. I would like to plot all of our houses/garages on a map. I have no real reason for this unfortunately. Apart from that I love maps of stuff and I am interested to see what locations you decided on.

I have the the shitty house in the Hills and one of the 10-car garage by the airport. I like the garage location as it allows me to get to my planes quickly when entering the lobby. Now I hardly ever go back to my house. Although I do like skydiving into my pool from 8,000 ft.

I guess we can think about building it into the new website somehow maybe. I would like to include everyones but I may just reserve it for reps as we have so many members nowerdays.


6 thoughts on “Where does your character own property – GTA Crew Map Project

  1. I always tell people my apartment is the best. 3 Alta st. Here are a few reasons why. It is in the center of the city. I can be in the subway/underground in seconds (good 4 shaking the cops b4 entering house.) 2 ammunations very close in case 1 is hot. Clothing, barber, vanilla unicorn very close. 2 options for buzzard pick ups very close. 2 unfinished buildings on either side that can be helpfull. Airport not to far because its a straight shot and I drive fast 😉 my garage is right next to the airport Los Santos Customs which is the quietest in the city. I highly recommend both.

    • Yea, I owned an apartment on Alta Street for the very same reasons. Also its super close to where your car re-spawns after paying the insurance to Moors. I sold it to get out of the city though. I was fed up with all that comes with downtown living such as players waiting for you to exit your garage with RPG’s awaitin’

  2. @Murphacus i live in the same apartment and I own the garage near the airport too 🙂 but may I sell the garage sometime and buy a house outside the city.

  3. Oh BC, I didn know we are neighbors! Lets have tea and crumpets….followed by liquor and bong hits 🙂 then we can go and commit crimes against humanity?

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