Party time, excellent – Friday 20:30GMT


Calling all rioters! We have a party tomorrow evening. Woohoo

I meant to do this post earlier but I have been very busy on other things. Anyways the party will happen at the same time as normal (8:30pm GMT). A closed crew lobby will be created and invites will be sent out 15 minutes before kick off. Make sure you bring your BMX as we will be riding out to the dirt track for some jumps and bumps. Its important not to attract to much fuzz as they really get in the way of having a good time. So do your best not to shoot anything or anyone while in this free roam lobby.


Once we have a full lobby the 1st party rep will start their playlist and take away the first group. Once the lobby fills up again with rioters the 2nd party rep will start their Playlist and so on. This way it will allow for at least 50 rioters to play along with the evenings proceedings. How do you like them apples?

Party Reps:

1)  2)  3)
Blondarus                   Gagagolightly             Scuba_Christ

Party Host


We normally create unique playlists for each party but this time I have brought back some of our faves as I have been short on time. Make sure you friend up the party reps as these are the Gals that will be running the playlists…

Party playlists:




Crew Co-ordination

Group chat function:
We will have a group text chat going on to alert everyone of any updates or changes to the schedule. Keep an eye on this. I recommend downloading the App for your real-life phone if you have not already.

Attack the Army Base:
At the end of the 4th hour, I do not expect us to have loads of rioters knocking around. So hopefully we can all fit in one the lobby (as its going to be the early hours of the morning in the UK and Europe) This is when we start one of the crews favourite activities. This is going to go on for as long as we want but after an hour I/or my party reps will start some sandbox games such as the; Stun tplanes, Demo-derbys and BMX’ing.


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