PS3 – September party review…of a fashion…

Blondie street


Okay, so let’s get this out of the the way right off the bat. I screwed up. I’ d downloaded all the right playlists in to my game when they were announced earlier in the week. I wrote their names down on a piece of paper and decided which order I’d run them on the night. Bosh. Blondie showing an unusually high level of organisational skills.

However, come party time I notice that the only one showing on my bookmarked playlists was Sammy’s mountain bike mayhem (as I like to call it)! I have a whole page of playlists but none of the ones meant for last night. DOH! A word to the wise, when preparing for a crew party, along with clearing out your snapmatic, make sure you’ve made space on your bookmarked playlists for the new ones you are intending to download!

That aside, I stuck with the ‘old school’ theme and ran some crew created jobs and playlists that haven’t been used in a while and did my best to entertain the poor saps who’d joined me expecting one thing and in fact got something else entirely. Sorry again gals.

So, this month I’m not gonna review the event as such, but use this column space to review the crew party concept overall. The crew party concept is very nearly a year old now and although, it’s undergone numerous changes since its creation the core concept remains the same. Entertain as many rioters on one night around a central theme.

We’ve never buried our heads in the sand when something hasn’t worked or if rioters have fed back constructive criticism to us. We’ve always tried to take everyone’s suggestions on board and constantly refine the formula to always aim to make it the best that it can be.

Back in May, I worked my tail off to organise that months crew party. I looked at everything. How it would work on the night, improving the communication aspect of the party, drawing up instructions for the party reps so everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet etc… and then the bottom fell out of my world and I disappeared for four months and never got to see how it worked on the night.

Since I’ve returned, I’ve done my best to get a feel for how things have been since I left and where things have gone etc and the feedback I’ve been getting is that certain members of this crew have really stepped up and become the lifeblood in my absence. I don’t wanna embaress any of them, but they know who they are  and no doubt all of your reading do too, because they’ve been the ones implementing new concepts, making you laugh on R* Social and creating all the cool new content you gals have been downloading.

As such, I’m going to be taking a long hard look at the crew party concept and seeing how we can give it  makeover and how we can reinvigorate it. I’m gonna do that by appointing a group of rioters to help me brainstorm new ideas, new themes and new ways of  making our oldest tradition that much cooler. Initially I will be inviting ‘the nameless few’ mentioned above but if any of you reading think you’d like to contribute, drop me a message.

But to close out then, what would I like to see moving forward? More interaction with members for one. I want you to help pick the theme each month, help create the content for it and generally make it an event where everyone gets there say again. We’re a crew of the people, so lets amke the focus about how awesome you all are and show off all the neat stuff you’ve created.

See you on the streets



The Commish


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