Introducing: A Hot Exciting Heart Attack Inducing New Minigame… Hide-And-Seek!

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We all remember those afternoons after school. Standing around the ‘base tree’, running away as quietly as humanly possible as the ‘it’ begins counting up to ten. Not a single game was boring, so why not bring this age old game into Los Santos?


Now before I begin, I have to give Devlin some credit. Their Purge made me come up with the idea to create a GTA hide-and-seek variant. So kudos to you Devo! 🙂

The rules:

The rules aren’t very different from the real life version.

The minigame takes places within a standard deathmatch. One person is ‘it’ and has to go look for the other players (hiders) who have hidden themselves within the designated area. In our version the ‘it’ is either a predetermined player or the host if no one was chosen in advance. The players spawn around the map, to avoid giving away their location, and get a certain amount of time to hide (that time is in the game’s description and depends on the size of the map). Once the time is up you’re not allowed to move anymore, that is to avoid confusion. If you’re found you have to stay put and the ‘it’ has to kill you in whatever way they like. When you respawn you become another ‘it’. The game ends when everyone has been found or when the timer runs out, in which case the remaining players win.

A quick overview of the rules:

  • Turn off your radar!
  • Only the ‘its’ are allowed to move after the predetermined hiding time
  • Once you’ve been found you’re not allowed to move. Wait for the ‘it’ to kill you
  • Once you’ve been killed you become another ‘it’ and have to help the other ‘its’ find the rest of the hiders
  • No hiding in the same place, that’s just… well… stupid :p
  • No killing fellow hiders or ‘its’, after all it’s not a deathmatch.
  • No hiding outside of the map. The borders are shown by barriers on the roads.
  • Absolutely no calling the creepy middle aged fatty also known as Lester!
  • No calling Merryweather either you sly little kitten.

Quick tip: To see who has become an ‘it’ check the leaderboard to see who has been killed.

Creating maps:

I’m sure some of you have great ideas as to where it’s especially fun to play hide-and-seek. Feel free to create a map yourself. When you’ve created one, send me a link and I’ll feature it on this post.

When creating a map keep in mind that:

  • A large map needs a large amount of players, so raise the minimum amount of players adequately.
  • You close the border with barriers.
  • That people start at start point, not at team start points/
  • You place respawn points in large open spaces.
  • You set the timer to a time that doesn’t make it too hard or too easy to find everyone.
  • You put the hiding time in the description.
  • You name it “Hide-and-seek <title>”

User created maps:

(none yet)

4 thoughts on “Introducing: A Hot Exciting Heart Attack Inducing New Minigame… Hide-And-Seek!

  1. Great post Grody! I especially love:
    “So absolutely no calling the middle aged fatty known as Lester”
    “No calling merryweather you sly little kitten”

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