RAT Training


Fr. 24. October 21.00 GMT0

This month we catch up the event we couldn´t do last month. This time it will be an exclusive RAT event. Here the discription:

At this training session i will split you in two teams. One team will play with Pussi Riot as crew the others with Riot Alpha Taskforce. I need do know in advance who will participate at this evening to make balanced teams. I want that we train our teamplay.

The Fireteam will work in pairs. The both (or may four) will be fight on the front of our unit. Stay near to your partner, take a look what he is doing, give your partner cover; increase the understanding between one another.

The Strike Section will support the Fireteam. Train your close combat skills but also your mid range and heavy weapon skills. Use the Minigun or blow the enemy up with the rocket launcher.

The Stealth Cell using sniper rifle and weapons with silencer. Sneak around and prevent to make any noise. Use this training to improve your stealth skills. One of the Stealth Cell in every team gets the commando.

At this training session it is not important to win or make many kills. I want you to play as a Team. Cover your teammates, don´t run around alone (except the stealth cell), follow the letter signs and watch what your teammates are doing.

Dresscode: will be choosen by the commanders

Two Playlists:
3 x 10 minutes Rockstar created maps
3 x 10 minutes Crew created maps
Team Pussi Riot:
Randy /Fireteam
BinchenChaos /Fireteam
Stardust /Strike Section
xForgotmynamex /Strike Section
Muhmuhhuh /Stealth Cell
Team Riot Alpha Taskforce:
GagaGolighty /Fireteam
Hugo /Fireteam
Alleks /Strike Section
Grody /Strike Section
MLP Carley /Stealth Cell
Commander PUSS: Muhmuhhuh
Commander RATS: Grody
The both will choose the Outfit for their team. They will meet you before we start the Playlist (already dressed in the teamoutfit) in the clothing store so you can see what you shall wear.
I don´t come forward with the lettersigns. First: The ingame communication takes to long. In the CvC you haven´t the time to open the psn chat or message function. Skype would here work much better too. It would be awesome if you create an account! Second: I am not really sure which signs we need and how realizable they are. May we all make sometime a brainstorming. But i came another time back to this.

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