PS3 – The Drought – Final Briefing

You get back home. That car/bus you were on has just burned the last drop. Now it’s time to sit back, grab a drink, some chips/crisps and fight for survival from the comfort of your designated seating area.

Join the gang on PSN  – Pussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

I’ve briefed you all a few weeks ago, but I’d like to give you all a reminder and a few extra details

  • I’ll invite you all to a private lobby at 9PM GMT. This is so that people who have to work late or get stuck in traffic (some people will no doubt have to Flintstone their car home) have a buffer. It’ll also give the others extra time to work on their totally gnarly outfit and haircut.
  • The dress code for tonight is, you guessed it, post-apocalyptic. Think mohawks, shaved bangs, tank tops, tactical clothes (thank you update), maybe a cool tattoo. You get the picture.
  • You’re supposed to race dirty. Shoot your way to the front.
  • I’ll create a group chat so that we can coordinate the evening more easily. I know it’s not the ideal means of communication, but it’s the one we can- and know how to use.
  • I strongly advise you to keep the strategy guide with you at all times.
  • The event is more enjoyable if you know the plot.
  • Once again, conserve ammo, you do not want to sling your shoes at your competitors in the middle of a gunfight.
  • Don’t forget to safeguard your vehicles (unless you can run 80mph of course)
  • Teamwork and strategy are the key to winning the event.

That’s about it. If you have any questions, just contact me on the SC and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Oh before I forget. Lamplighter(ak.k.a Swashbuckler) And Jenpab can’t make it tonight, so we’ll have 14 people playing instead of the original 16. Which is still plenty enough, but we’ll miss them nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “PS3 – The Drought – Final Briefing

    • Thanks Randy, gotta keep those briefings interesting 🙂
      I hope your enthusiasm is justified. Like I said, it can’t be properly tested in the creator :p But I’ve got a good feeling about it 🙂

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