PS3 – Playlist Evenings

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Hello Ladies.

First of all I feel like I need to apologize for the image used with this post. I must admit I couldnt think of an apt image to use so went with 3 prostitutes (I think…sorry if you are not prostitutes, you look like them thats all I am saying…)

I have been having a little browse of our Social Club over the past few days and I have come to the conclusion that some creations are not getting the credit they deserve….

Well I say credit, who knows? Some of these creations may be terrible for all I know! But I wont ever know because nobody ever plays them!

Now if my senior management training in Fleeca Bank has taught me one thing its how to reward people for their effort. They also taught me how to rob people blind in a legal manner but thats beside the point…

I like to think that I am quite inclusive of everybody and I think this crew excels on stuff like that generally. People link up with others in missions, they will greet each other in free roam, make friends on the Social Club, stuff like that, however I do believe that we fall down somewhat on creations.

Now this is understandable. There is always so much going on, and if somebody has launched a playlist or is doing missions with 3 other people for example then they are not going to be able to join somebody who wants to try out their funky new race or ambitious Team Deathmatch.

This does not sit too well with me though. I dont know about others but I hate the thought of one of our own crew slaving away for hours on a creation for the amusement of us all only to never have anybody play it.

So here is my suggestion. One night a week (or maybe fortnightly, we shall see) I am going to grab a bunch of crew creations that are struggling for plays. Say maybe 5 or so. I will throw them all into a playlist and hopefully get a good amount of crew members to join the playlist so we can put these new creations to the test. Maybe people could even review the creations we do play?

What do you all think? There are certainly some creations i am looking at right now thinking “hey that looks interesting” but I cant play them on my own or even just with 2 or 3 of us. We need a large amount of people! Who is with me??

Thank you for your time.



7 thoughts on “PS3 – Playlist Evenings

  1. That’s great ! Love the idea. Ideal will be if each playlist contains all the kind of activities (race, deathmatch, …). Thanks Mhhhhhhhh

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