Zombie update maybe

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The month of September aside, Rockstar Games has done an amazing job with delivering a new “GTA 5” update every month. The latest “GTA 5” 1.17 Update Last Team Standing DLC, which was expected to release in September, but did not arrive until Oct. 2. It hasn’t been more than a week since the Last Team Standing DLC, but “GTA 5” fans are already speculating what DLC will come next.

According to “GTA 5” tipster and YouTuber iCrazyTeddy, the upcoming October DLC could likely be a special holiday update to observe Halloween, which is on Oct. 31. “GTA 5” gamers will remember that the game previously released some other entertaining festive updates including the recent July Independence Day DLC as well as the awesome Christmas Day DLC last year.

In the past, new “GTA 5” updates were consistently released on Tuesdays. However, the latest Last Team Standing DLC broke the trend when it dropped on a Thursday. Now, iCrazyTeddy suggests that an upcoming “GTA 5” Halloween DLC could possibly arrive on Thursday, Oct. 30, or Halloween Eve.

What can we expect from a Halloween DLC? We’ll going to go way back to a mysterious “GTA 5” source code leak back in July. According to YouTuber Open World Games, a main_ZMB source code could be a new Zombie DLC for “GTA 5.” Rockstar Games diehards will remember the wildly successful “Red Dead Redemption” Undead Nightmare expansion. No doubt, a new zombie mode would be so crazy in the streets of Los Santos. What’s more, what better time to drop a scary Zombie update than the night before Halloween?

original article: http://www.latintimes.com/gta-5-halloween-update-rumors-will-zombie-dlc-arrive-october-video-266827



One thought on “Zombie update maybe

  1. I love the idea of a zombie apocalypse dlc, it could add fuel to cars, destroy safehouses, make the buildings burn and use one of the character slots by I remember back when the leak was first shown I thought zmb meant zombie but then it occurred to me: “that’s to obvious, November 11th is remembrance day what if zmb means zancudo military base?” In all honesty I don’t think I’d enjoy an army update but Iove zombies I play zombie games, read zombie books, watch zombie shows/movies, it’d be AMAZING!

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