PS3 – Riot Air Force tryouts playlist launched


Welcome to our latest crew event. The RAF Tryouts. 

This will work a lot like how the RAT works, with special “training nights” for us to play the 16 player playlist. The smaller (more manageable) 8 player playlist will be used on a more regular (every few days) ad-hoc basis. Each playlist should take one hour to play through. The long term plan is to have Crew V Crew battles just like the Riot Alpha Taskforce currently do, maybe even pit the RAF vs the RAT for the ultimate showdown event.

This event is just a bit of fun and all abilities are welcome to attend. This means is doesnt matter if you are Rambo or Dumbo… you can play along.

Eventually we will be looking for our ace pilots to represent the riot in Crew V Crew battles so good performances will be noticed. Another goal of this event is to get us all playing together more so dont be frightened if you see the invite pop up on your phones.

16 player playlist details

Acquire Targets I, II & III
  • TEAMS: 4
  • GAME TYPE: VS Mission
  • 4 teams vie for a target. If a team can grab the target & hold it for 20 secs they gain a point. First team to 5 points wins.
The SA Flight School pack
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Capture (GTA)
  • Deliver your cargo while attacking the other team. Remember to protect your plane, 1st back wins.
Into the Wild
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Versus Mission
  • Runners try to make it a hideout. A team of Hunters in Buzzards try to stop them.
  • NOTES: Must be un-even teams. max 4 on hunters side.
Flight For Your Right
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Capture (Contend)
  • A red and a blue miljet race to the same destination. Fight each other & the feds to the booty then delivery it home.
Battle of Los Santos LTS
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Last Team Standing
  • Two fleets of fighter jets fight over the city. A “Last Team Standing” type game, you only have one life.
chasses aux chasseurs !!!
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Capture (GTA)
  • Starting in Lazers at Sandy Shores Airstrip race to the single Besra on the highway & bring it back.

 8 player playlist details

Top Fun 1 & 2
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Versus Mission
  • Runners carrying incriminating documents try to get to safety. Hunters in fighter jets try to shut them down.
Air Force Zero’s
  • TEAMS: 3
  • GAME MODE: Versus Mission
  • Attackers try to take down Air Force Zero, AF0 has only 1 life, but the Attackers & Defenders can re-spawn.
    • NOTES: Must be un-even teams. max 3 on Attackers side.
Battle of the Alamo LTS
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Last Team Standing
  • 2 fleets of fighter jets fight over Blane county. A “Last Team Standing” type game, you only have one life.
GTA: Airheads
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Capture (GTA)
  • Starting in your rivals’ hangar. Use Buzzards & Lazer’s to defend or escort your Besra’s home. The other team will be doing the same.
GTA: Wingmen
  • TEAMS: 2
  • GAME MODE: Capture (GTA)
  • Using Lazers; Arrive at the Buckingham jet and escort back. Start at Zancudo or Sandy Shores.


During the tryouts the the Wing Commander & Squadron Leader will be selected. After the try outs are complete we will be appointing the remainder of the squadron. If you are interested in being a part of this make sure you attend the event and show you are top gun.

The RAF will be needing the following ranks:

  • 12 x Pilot Officers
  • 3 x Flight Lieutenants
  • 1 x Squadron Leader
  • 1x Wing Commander


Make sure you attend this playlist. It will be a lot of fun for everyone involved. You will get notifications on your “in-game” phone and also look out for the “crew notifications”. The tryouts will be running all autumn/fall. Plus special evening events for the bigger 16 player playlist for us all to have crazy fun with.



The sky is the limit in the Creator contest, where we’re looking for crew-created aero themed LTS’s, Captures & TDM’s to test even toughest Maverick wannabe. We’ll choose 5 Crew Created Jobs to use in a playlist at our monthly crew party & at future RAF events.

Eligible Game modes:
  • 16 player games only
  • Last Team Standing
  • Captures
  • Team Deathmatches


screenshot1Jobs must contain some or all of the following:

  • Planes
  • Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Parachutes

The competition will run the entire time this event is active. Entrants must create the game AND a blog post about there game to enter the competition. This event is only open to crew members.

To help you get the most out of your Last Team Standing creations, we’ve prepared a handy how-to PDF guide that walks you through the process of making your own LTS Jobs. You can also download a Creator how-to PDF guide for Captures here).



Whether it’s capturing one of your friend’s aerial exploits or the whole Crew about to board the Besra’s, Buzzard’s, Lazers’s or Mil-Jet, we’re looking for your most inspiring and amusing pictures featuring the new content. The competition will run the entire time this event is active. This event is only open to crew members.


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