PS3 crew party – Halloween themed spooktacular – October 31st

Trick or treat

Something wicked this way comes…

Double, double toil and trouble. Grody’s nuts and Scoob has stubble. It’s safe to say that this is one of my favourite times of the year. You get to dress up as your favourite creepy character. Romp around housing estates free loading food from neighbours and inadvertently terrifying the unwary along the way. It’s also time for us to present to you our 1st ever devilishly good, fully themed Halloween party! OOo yeah ‘Mama

Ghost rider blondie

Last year, much like ‘Rosemarys Baby‘, the crew was very much in its infancy and any thoughts of organising anything like this were an ‘Alien‘ concept. Since that time though, we’ve begun arranging a themed get together for our crew at the end of each month. Okay, so Rockstar hasn’t (yet) dropped us a ‘Halloween‘ themed DLC as we were hoping but we’re gonna theme this month’s PS3 crew party around that anyway.

Frankengrody and Baron Scubadi

I’ve assembled my crack team of evil minions to help organise the event and had them working ‘From Dusk Til Dawn‘ formulating awesome ideas for the night. Themed content is being created exclusively for the event and from what I ‘Saw‘, each will have you ‘Scream‘ in terror…or excitement…possibly both. If you would like to have your own creation be part of the night, let us know what you’ve made and we’ll give it a look. Who knows… you creation may become may make the cut… Muhahahahahaha

Blondie victim

We’ll be providing more and more information over the course of this month in the lead up to the party, but definitely ‘The Thing ‘you will need ahead of the party is a custom hearse in your garage. Why? All will be revealed… Muhahahaha

Scuba Jason

Sorry…uh…okay…so you got that? You have four weeks to find yourself a hearse, make a space for it in your garage and have it customised for ‘The Night Of The Living Dead‘. There may even be an award of sorts for best customisation. Which also brings me to costumes. I wanna see you gals be as creative as possible with your horror/halloween themed outfits. I don’t wanna see anyone dressed up all pretty for ‘Prom Night‘. Binchen is running a Halloween themed snapmatic contest through until November 2nd, so that should help you to get create and inspired.

So then my pretties, watch this space for more information but be prepared for a ghoulishly good night. Muhahahaha *cough, cough, splutter, wheeze*


a.k.a The Commish



9 thoughts on “PS3 crew party – Halloween themed spooktacular – October 31st

  1. Oooooow I like the movie tie ins 🙂 really looking forward to this. Rockstar please bring Halloween dlc out 🙂

    • Hi Binchen. I was going by the countdown timer on the main page. DOH! Gonna get that changed to reflect the Oct 31st date. But yeah it will defo be on Halloween night : )

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