Molly’s Chat Show Episode 1 with Backof and Blondie

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mmhMolly: Thank you, thank you! Hello, good evening and a warm welcome to Molly’s Chat Show!

Obviously it took us ages to come up with a name for this show and indeed a topic. Originally the plan was for me to interview tigers and lions and stuff like that and it was going to be called Molly’s Cat Show. Then we thought of an exercise programme where I shout at people to get them into shape called Molly’s Fat Show. After that I was going to interview David Cameron and call it Molly’s twa…well you get the idea!

But instead this is what we are going with so you had better like it otherwise we are all out of ideas!

So first of all let me introduce you to me lovely assistant. From the Xbox crew Eltax! How are you this evening? Are you excited!?


Eltax: Yup…



Molly: Ok..thanks for that! I hope you will be a bit more lively later when you are reading any Bleets we receive. Bleet us @MCS or use the hashtag #mollyshow. So Eltax, do you have any news for us in the world of Pussi Riot?


Eltax: ….I do actually yes! Do you know how Pussi Riot is planning towards a Halloween Party? Well I have used my contacts to find out three of our members outfits for the big event! First of all Kati Vercetti looking rather ravishing in her headless lady costume. 



Eltax: Devlin as a ghost, at least I hope its a ghost. If not we have a problem….




Eltax: And finally probably the most scariest of them all. Gaga as….well a normal woman!



Molly: Weird! That photo is rarer than a Slimsy tennis loss! Anyway let’s get on with the show shall we??

Now you may be aware that Pussi Riot is now a whole one year old! Which in GTA years is like 100 years. To celebrate this fact we have gone all in this week with our first ever show. One is the badass founder of Pussi Riot most likely to been seen plummeting out of the skies attached to a parachute. The other is the elegant right hand woman, most likely to be seen plummeting out of her windscreen after crashing into a tree. Ladies and gentlemen I give to you The Boss, Backof and the Commish Blondie!

*Much applause*

mmhMolly: Welcome ladies and thanks for being here on this momentous day. So I guess for my first question I should start right at the beginning. Los Santos can be a scary place at times, everybody who is anybody needs a bit of back up in the form of a crew. So what was the thinking behind Pussi Riot? Why that name specifically and why did you decide to go for the all girl route in what is a predominantly male environment? I mean surely a crew for both both sexes would have been easier if a lot less fun?

chatbackofBackof: Well I started playing GTAV on the 17th of september 2013, three hours after it was released as the queue at GAME in town was crazy big. Randy and I  knew the online mode would not be available for two weeks so decided to make the story mode our training ground in preparation for it.  Once the two weeks elapsed, Randy and I were fully versed in street shootouts we took it online.

chatblondieBlondie: I picked up my copy maybe two or three weeks after release as I wanted to see how things panned out before I invested. There were a few horror stories on the net about the online mode early on and so I was a little wary. I’m a massive Dragon Age fan and saw Mike Laidlaw (Dragon Age supremo at Bioware) commenting about lost characters/properties etc and so I didn’t bite straight away.

chatbackofBackof: Once we got online. The first task we had was to create our characters. We had been discussing what avatars to make. The decision was to made to create girl characters inspired by the real life Pussy Riot (we thought balaclavas would be available) with the same ethos’s as renegades like Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Trinity or Cheetara crossed with the sassiness of the girls from the 70’s film ‘Supervixens’. Plus we did for the practical reasons as we knew there would be so, so many dudes knocking around in the lobbies it would be hard to know who’s who.  By choosing girls (who we thought would be the minority early on) it would allow for instant recognition.

chatblondieBlondie: Mine was much more straight forward. I wanted to be Kara Thrace/Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, haha. The earliest incarnation of my avatar was a carbon copy of her look if not her bad ass general persona.

chatbackofBackof: As soon as the characters were created we thought about creating a crew. Although this didn’t happen right away. For the first few days we just knocked around in an informal band while we thought about the name. It made sense that the crew had a hook, a theme, a niche and with us both having girl characters it was clear what that was. 

The name was the tricky part, The name Pussy Riot was our first idea but we tried to think of better ones (as normally the first idea is never the best one) but we kept coming back to it. The Russian protest band of the same name were heavily in the news and it seemed topical. Ideally we would have spelt the name just like the Russian Pussy Riot but Rockstar’s abuse filter wouldn’t let the word “pussy” through. 

mmhMolly: I love that how we got away with it by using the letter I instead. So sneaky! So during the early days who were the integral members if the group? Im interested to know who fits in where and how. 

chatblondieBlondie: Gosh, when I joined I think the crew had less than seventy members and out of that number I think there were maybe only a core of five to ten who actively sought each other out and made a point of doing stuff together. You’ve got to remember, back when the crew started, the recruitment policy was waaay more open than it is now. I don’t think Backof would mind me saying this, but I think her and Rands would literally just offer membership to anyone who looked the part and seemed to have some talent or other. That’s how they found me anyway : P 

But anywho, I remember the core members back in the early days were Backof, Randy, Hurri and Cat and they tended to hang around together as they’d all know each other a long time before the crew had even formed. I was the total newbie, the outsider and as such felt I had to work really hard to be accepted by that core. Later on came Star and Sammy and they really delivered in spades once we bought them in. Both of them really earnt their place and I love them very much.

As an aside, you may not remember this Molly, but it was actually me who recruited you : ). I place that ad on the internet, you replied to it and I sent you to Backof for vetting! Team Muhdarous was born : )

mmhMolly: Oh yeah I remember it well! Funny thing is at the time I was looking for a crew as I had pretty much exhausted everything else that Los Santos had to offer. When i went crew hunting it was a choice of Pussi Riot or an Irish biker gang who rode in formation all the time and had proper hierarchy! Imagine how different life would be if I went biking instead! I’m sure they were lovely guys but I think I made the right choice to put it mildly!

chatbackofBackof: I would like to think so too! When Randy and I were discussing the potential of forming a crew, my initial goal was to engage and inspire Randy so much so that they would pick up the idea and create the crew which I could then join but alas it became clear that I was much more passionate about the idea then old Rands. So I went ahead and created it myself and invited Randy as the first member. Really thats where it started. I got my real life business partner to buy the game and create another girl character, and thus Catfacecat became the 3rd member. Hurri is a contemporary of Randy’s who was eager to join once Randy told them about the crew. We all work in the creative industries in real life..

mmhMolly: I think that  the creative flair shines through too.

chatbackofBackof: Right!, and I found this was a great place to let our imaginations run wild. Remember this was before the days of our awesome blog and the crew was in its real infancy. 

I used to comb the Rockstar Snapmatic feeds looking for selfies taken by girl characters to invite. Back then it was really hard to get any tracking as we were not a very appealing crew to join as we had just a handful of members and no co-ordination. 

Talking about all this makes me sad as some of the key stone members that have become inactive and left the crew for pastures new.  To name but a few; Brie, Mapes, Sachmata, Rositta, Jane and Dino. I raise my glass to these fallen colleagues and hope they come back to us soon. These gals really helped the crew grow and gave us all such giggles in our impromptu racing across the free roam lobbies.

mmhMolly: I like the shout out to the past. I really wish we could have some form of log to show everybody who has been in the crew. Last time I saw Jane she was diving to the bottom of the ocean just to see if she could touch it! I tried to join her but drowned…So how did you two meet? How did Pussi Riot get infused with a bit of Blondishness?

chatblondieBlondie: It’s hard to recall haha. At the time I was taking my first tentative steps online and was playing without a crew. At that point I was sort of on the fence with it. I dug it but the lone wolf existence really wasn’t for me. Now I believe, and don’t quote me on this, I think the first time we met was in a survival mode. I was in a game with three complete strangers and I think we all did pretty well and worked together for the most part. I didn’t say a word to any of them once it was over, but the following morning I had an invite to join the crew in my inbox.I think I must have vaguely recognised the name from the night before and mulled over it. It didn’t take me long though to be honest I wasn’t having that much fun or making enough money solo, so I accepted.

chatbackofBackof: Clearly you have a better memory than I do…

chatblondieBlondie: Haha, I wouldn’t say that. You know, Backof and I are kinda chalk and cheese in a lot of ways but absolutely identical in others. For whatever reason, our friendship and business partnership just works.

mmhMolly: Oh I like cheese actually. Chalk not so much. I remember the lone wolf existence too. I used to hang out on top of Rockford Hills City Hall every night sniping people. You mention being quite different yet identical however Blondie I believe its fair to say that you are quite different to many of the crew members just by the fact that you don’t seem to crave the high life. I mean you have a modest apartment and your cars are generally ones just found on the street. We all make decent money in the crew what with missions and races and the likes so why do you shun the glamourous side of things so much? 

chatblondieBlondie: Cheese rocks, haha. Um…that’s just who I am, I guess!?! I’m not really in to material possessions in either Los Santos or real life. Sure, I treat myself to some cool stuff every now and then but  I don’t need to have every new thing that comes out, you know? I’m several generations behind in most things like my phone, my car etc but that’s fine cos they do what I need them to. My apartment in Los Santos is the one that reflects who I am the most. I had a bigger one actually, but downsized to that one when I saw it because it best summed me up. As for my garage full of freebies? Lol. Firstly, chrome Adder’s are ugly and smack of “Look at me…I’m an asshole!” and secondly…I’m not a car person.

chatbackofBackof: She really isn’t. Her knowledge of cars extends as far as where to put the key, where to put the petrol and how and where the best place to steal one is!

mmhMolly: Tell me about it…I’m her race partner!


chatblondieBlondie: HEY! No, that’s completely true actually. But you know what? Is that a bad thing? Haha. I don’t know but I love my Dominator. It has more character than anything else I own.

mmhMolly: Well it is certainly one of the better known vehicles and we all know it’s yours! I want to go back to the beginning again. As I wasnt around during the early days of the crew I find it all quite fascinating to get a proper insight into how Pussi Riot morphed from a fledgling crew into the premier all girl crew, and indeed best crew regardless in Los Santos. But  it’s hard to get a crew to be both notorious and successful. So I guess what i would like to know more than anything is at what one point did you sit back, look around at what was happening in front of you and thought “We did it, This crew has made it”? 

chatblondieBlondie: That’s easy. The first time we made the R* newswire. To see our name and our gals pics up there was pretty crazy and was born out of an absolute fluke. Basically, Valentines day had crept up on us and we’d not organised any dedicated crew activity for that date. So, I sorta lashed together a post on our blog telling everyone to get their glad rags and pulling pants on and go out on the night and take photos of themselves delivering Pussi Riot’s own brand of love to LS. To make myself appear more intelligent than I am, I tied it in to the ‘St Valentines Day Massacre’ mob hit. Job done, feet up, crew event sorta in less than ten mins.

The following day, Backof message me and says something like “Have you got some sort of insider knowledge?” and links me the R* page which details a ‘St Valentines Day Massacre’ DLC being released. Complete fluke I assure you, but because of that we beat everyone else to the punch and had some awesome pics ready for an article, which then got reported on like a week or two later. They even named me on the newswire! Kerching.

Don’t get me wrong, we’d worked hard as hell before that to establish ourselves as being THE crew to join, but that was the first time I really felt like people were taking notice.


Molly: And the day after Rockstar took our name off us! I miss the days of “Crew Random Numbers”. I loved the fact that they were all like “hey we think your crew is really great but we are taking your name away as it’s rude!” I’m not sure whats so rude about angry felines though…. So what moment stands out most for you Backof?

chatbackofBackof: I dont think we will ever say “”We did it, This crew has made it”. There is so much  more to do and I am hoping you all stick around for the next few years to enjoy all the new and exciting things we have planned out.

mmhMolly: I like that. Not resting on our laurels is what makes the crew what it is. Now its fair to say that Pussi Riot has been a tremendous success so far and good times have been plentiful. However like with everything in life it cant be sunshine and happiness all the time. Do you have any regrets about Pussi Riot so far? Things that you wish would have worked better, members who have left that you wish didnt, stuff like that?

chatblondieBlondie: Um… well I think like a lot of things in life, it’s been trial and error. Some things have worked for us, some things haven’t. Some people we’ve put in a certain role, haven’t worked out and we’ve had to change that around. That sort of thing.

I think the things I regret the most have been letting people slip through our otherwise pretty tight net. We’ve lost some good people over the last year through one thing and another but at the same time we acquired some real f’n douchebags too. Whoops! I didn’t mean to swear on live tv. Shit! Whoops. Awww…fuck it!

Sorry…lost my thread there. Yeah, we usually vet new members pretty well but there have been some who have got through the net who turned out to trollers, sexists, racists, bigots etc once they’d got in. I’m not gonna give these worms anymore time than they deserve, but they did cause some upset among our otherwise super friendly community.

As far as people we’ve lost or let go, the first person I ever played with in the Riot left about four months ago and that upset me on a personal level, cos they’d kinda shown me the ropes when I first came in . There was a lot of bs attached to the whole situation, that I don’t want to get in to here, but it was very disappointing.

As a whole though, I think we’ve worked very hard at making the crew a success. We may not have always hit home runs, but we’ve certainly tried. I’d like to think we’ve always tried to improve what we do and keep tweaking.

chatbackofBackof: Yea, I think there has been loads of things we could have done better. But thats not my style to dwell on past events. We need to carry on pushing forward. I think regrets and grudges are where cancers come from. Plus I get so excited at “new” stuff I just dont have time to look behind me. Onwards and upwards as they say.

mmhMolly: Interesting you mention cancer actually seeing as I am sat here with a freezing cold head because of the Riots shave your head for Breast Cancer initiative. That must be a good feeling to see so many people from all over the world getting involved in stuff like that because of their crew connections? 

chatblondieBlondie: You know what? Considering how much this game is geared at accumulating wealth, being horrible to each other and I guess selfishness, I find it incredibly inspiring when something like this happens. All of that pettiness is pushed to one side so we can all show our support for something we have all been touched by, one way or another. I’ve gotta say, when I read the blog post on this website about it, I actually got a bit emotional. Really, really proud of all of our gals for joining in and helping to raise awareness. I will be joining in the next time I’m on and I really wanna see a session full of rioters all showing their support. What a picture that would make!

mmhMolly: Somehow I think that will happen too! Well the shows Bleeta account has been exploding tonight, lets go to Eltax who has some Bleeted questions from our viewers.

chateltaxEltax: Thanks Molly, you are indeed right we are inundated with Bleets tonight, #Mollyshow is what to use if you want to contact us.  Ok this Bleet is from @DVL_Holy and she wants to know…

mmhMolly: Other than me of course…

chatblondieBlondie: Muh,you have a massive following in our crew as like this sex symbol. I’m kinda jealous actually, haha. Fictional character? I’m a tv person rather than film, so I’d probably say Nolan from the tv show Defiance or Sarah Walker from Chuck. Nolan is kinda a more badass Han Solo and Sarah is not only a really strong and funny female character but also a total babe. You can’t help but be a little bit dumbstruck by her. PLUS Yvonne Strahovski, the actress who plays her was the character model and voice for one of my favourite character from the Mass Effect games, Miranda Lawson.


Eltax: We have another one here from @notiwancont who asks…




Backof: This is something I have thought about so never say never. I think things would get out of control pretty quickly just like we do “in-game”. I also imagine we would not be invited back by the venue hosts.

chatblondieBlondie: Haha. Well there are two things here. One. In real life I’m actually a pretty good driver and so you wouldn’t see too many spectacular crashes from me while en route. Two. I’m not as likely to steal a helicopter for the sole purpose of parking it in a swimming pool.


Eltax: And here is a Bleet from @grody2damax who has a question for Blondie…



Blondie: No, I was a crew virgin. In fact I’d never been in any sort of gaming clan prior to that. Closest I’d come to it prior to that was in the game MAG where you had to pick from one of three factions to be in. I know Backof owned that game too, so it’s quite possible that at some point we were kicking each others ass without even knowing!

chateltaxEltax: Oh here is an interesting one from @Binchenchaos. I assume by paragon she means hero? She knows bigger words than me!



Backof: errr… That is an awesome question. Its something I have never really thought about. I guess I would say that my Grandaddy as he is a real inspiration for me. He is 92, still super active and has a real zest for life even though he has been to hell and back. In fictional world I would say PB from Adventure Time because she is super caring and that is something I should be more like. Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek as he is the ultimate badass and always keeps his composure and always looks for a diplomatic solution rather then turning to aggression. I think if I could be a cross between them two… I would.


Blondie: Do you mean like in the Dragon Age sense? Joking…admittedly it is a joke only Dragon Age geeks would get…but hey…sue me. If your asking who do I look up to and take inspiration from then I’m gonna get all mushy and say my parents. I’m very lucky to have two amazing parents who have really supported me throughtout my life and who have tried to teach me to live ‘the right way’. I may not have always listened but I tried to be a good, honest human being who treats people with respect…whilst raising hell, making an ass of myself and acting recklessly : P

mmhMolly: Ok lets go to the phonelines as they are lighting up as we speak. Are they supposed to do that? Shouldnt we get them seen to? Anyway..hello caller you are live with Blondie and Backof.


Ron: Hi It’s Ron from TPI….

mmhMolly: CUT HIM OFF! Seriously does nobody screen these bloody calls? Pardon? Steve screens the calls? Who in the blue hell is Steve?? Is this him? Why are you ruining the debut of my show? You with the clipboard, go to commercials whilst I teach this Steve bloke a lesson…

chateltaxEltax: We are on the Pussi Riot TV, we don’t do commercials….

mmhMolly: What are we? The BBC?? Well do something as this is about to get messy! Come here Steve….

mmhMolly: What? Call Randy. She will tell you where to dispose of the bo….Oh hi! Ok we are back…sorry about those erm technical difficulties. We are all sorted now so lets go back to the phone. Hello caller you are through to Blondie and Backof, what’s your name and where are you calling from?


Gaga: Hi its Gaga from Los Santos. What is your favourite movie and why?

chatblondieBlondie: Ooo…ooo…that’s easy. John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. I literally never get tired of watching it. Tense, scary as hell, very clever and totally under appreciated. I recommend it everyone who has not yet seen it. 

chatbackofBackof: Favourite film… it’s difficult. I could maybe say my favourite film within a genre. If thats ok?

Gaga: Ok that works for me, Hmmm let’s see, how about your favourite foreign language film? I mean proper foreign films not those rude Danish ones…


Backof: Taegukgi, its a film about two brothers fighting on different sides of the Korean war in the 50’s. It’s kinda like the Korean ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Utterly brilliant, moving and highlights the pointlessness of war.

chatblondieBlondie: Nowt wrong with mucky films…But seriously, I love ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’. It’s a film adapted from the travel log a 23 year old Ernesto ‘CHE’ Guevara wrote while travelling across South America. I’ve  read the book as well, but the film is incredible. Funny, touching, thought provoking and beautifully shot. I was literally in awe of some of the scenery they pass through.

mmhMolly: Thanks for your call Gaga, Ok next up is a guy going by the name of Mechanic. Well thats quite the silly name isnt it? Lets hope your question isnt quite as stupid, go on caller, what is your question please?


Mechanic: Erm..yeah hi. So yeah my question if for Backof. We all know that Blondie has her Beast as her vehicle of choice but I notice you have some fancy wheels yourself there. So yeah, which one is your favourite?

chatbackofBackof: My Favourite car… another hard question. If my Porsche is in her red dress I cannot keep my hands of her. But when she isnt, my favourite drives are the Sultan, Bullet & Corvette.

chatblondieBlondie: That totally made you sound a little pervy boss : P

mmhMolly: I do miss my Comet actually though not in a sexual way… So we have discussed the formation of Pussi Riot and everything that has happened so far. Backof you mentioned the future earlier and I know the crew has some major plans upcoming earlier so what do you two see happening down the line? Not only in the crew but in Los Santos as a whole? What changes would you like to see and what are you looking forward to the most? Also I suppose is there anything that may worry you about the future?

chatbackofBackof: I hope to see everything I imagine but I dont think R* have a direct line to my brain. I love all the new stuff we have got and hope that continues and keeps surprising me. 

mmhMolly: Pussi Riot have been involved in so many events recently which brings me nicely to the one that stands out for me is the creation of Pussi Riot Productions. Now before I get your thoughts on this lets show a clip from a creation called “Ready Aim Fire” Eltax, you do have that ready correct?

chateltaxEltax: I’m your assistant, I’m not the video guy….sigh…yes I have it. Roll the footage… 

mmhMolly: Pretty impressive huh? That must have been a blast right? A really proud moment to not only create the movie but also to get it in the cinema? 

chatbackofBackof: It was a real labour of love and a massive learning experience for all involved. I am happy with how it turned out and cant wait for the next PRP.

chatblondieBlondie: It was a fun night shooting it yeah. Assembling a line of tanks in the street and then just romping off causing mayhem while Scoob caught it  all on his camera. I’ve really gotta tip my imaginary hat to everyone who was involved in that because it was a massive team effort to get it done. Hours of shooting, editing, adding the graphics and soundtrack. It is a really testament to everyone involved that it turned out so well.

mmhMolly: Ok as will always be the case with this show we are going to end this week with a word association game that we call….well we call it Mollys Word Association Game because I couldn’t be bothered thinking of a name for it and it does exactly what is says on the tin!

So first of all, who wants to play?
chatblondieBlondie: Oh, me, me, me!

mmhMolly: I guess it’s Blondie then! OK we all know how this works. I say a name, item etc and you say the first word, name etc that comes into your head.

OK? Good here we go….Randy
Blondie: chatblondieTerminator


Molly: Funny


Blondie: Scoob




Molly: Star

Blondie:Uh..Stardust or star. Stardust? Legend. Star? Grody



Molly: Either works fine! Trevor Phillips





Molly: Hurri






Molly: Creative  






Molly: Scary






Molly: Especially behind the wheel! Ok…Badass  





Molly: Clumsy




Molly: Yeah, nobody has ever answered that one differently! And finally everybodies favourite word…Molly!?  




Molly: I hope that is a compliment! Ok, that about wraps is up for this weeks edition of Molly’s Chat Show. So in closing are there any final words either of you wish to say to your follow crew members?

chatblondieBlondie: We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview as much as we’ve had putting it together. For me it’s been a hoot and hopefully it’s given y’all a peak behind the curtain as to who we are, what we’ve done and where hopefully we’re heading to. Thank you so much for making this crew the success story that it is. Without you gals, we would not exist. Peace out. : )

chatbackofBackof: Yea all I wanna say is that this 1st year of GTA online has been great and I have met some superb people. Long may GTAO and Pussi Riot continue.

 mmhMolly: Amen to that! So thanks to Backof and Blondie for being beautiful guests, thanks for all your calls and Bleets, thanks to the production team, Thanks to Steve, may he rest in peace, and most importantly thanks to YOU the audience for watching! Stay tuned to Pussi Riot Productions as we show you the Premiere of “Ready Aim Fire” Say goodnight Eltax!


Eltax: Goodnight Eltax.

mmhMolly: Seriously…what is wrong with you?! Buy Papertoys, Lend money from Fleeca and more importantly Keep it tuned to Pussi Riot TV! Goodnight Everybody!!


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  1. I’ve been so busy and only just managed to read this, in a word it was… AMAZEBALLS. Great job I love all the backstory stuff, the “technical difficulties”, the costumes, great job can’t wait for the next one.

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