Halloween Mood Music – Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Today’s tune of terror comes from one of my musical heroes – Richard D James who is better known as the Aphex Twin.

The song Windowlicker will be very familiar to everyone who plays GTA Online as it appears on the playlist for radio station – Flylo FM (the weird one that Molly moans about)

Directed by British video auteur Chris Cunningham, who’s work I will be focusing on a lot this week, Windowlicker is not scary in the usual spooky Halloween sense, neither is it in any way gory. In fact the first few minutes play out like a cross between your typical 90’s RnB cliche ridden fodder and a live action version of GTA San Andreas. However its when you get to the twist that the nightmare begins.

I won’t give you any more spoilers as I want you to experience the sheer bizarre twisted brilliance of this work of art to maximum effect.

Pleasant dreams ;-P


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