Halloween Mood Music – Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug

Industrial legend goes gothic…

Taken from the soundtrack of the fabulously odd David Lynch film ‘Lost Highway’, this song is a bit of curio even for NIN fans. Written exclusively for the film in a very short space of time, Trent Reznor decided to experiment with different sounds and styles for this particular track. As such it’s not quite what you’d expect from the band and that’s probably why I like it. Unfortunately there is not one good version of the vid on YouTube and this one actually cuts off the lush piano outro. However it’s still an interesting song and no doubt if you wanna here the complete song you can find it with ease on the interwebz.

I picked this song really for the video which is full of brilliant gothic imagery and things that could have come straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe piece. It’s very creepy and actually quite sad if you pay attention to the story the video is telling. I think that’s another reason why I like it because music videos should always be more than just an excuse for good looking boys and girls to throw shapes in an imaginary nightclub while flash cars do doughnuts in the car park…holy shit I just described an average night out with ‘The Riot’  in Los Santos : P

Anywho, enjoy. And for all of you Twin Peaks fans out there, one last curio. The script for Lost Highway was derived from David Lynch’s plans for Audrey Horne if a third season of the show was commissioned. Eat that Scoob : P


a.k.a ‘The Commish’


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