PS3 – Halloween Spooktacular – Final update

I was working in the lab, late one night; when my eyes beheld an eerie sight; for my monster from his slab, began to rise; and suddenly to my surprise…

By now all you ghoulish creatures will hopefully have had a chance to have read my last article on how the party will work? If not please make sure you have read it and understood it m’kaaaaay?

It’s really straight forward  but if you’ve not read it, I will know and I will find you and bury you in the desert where no-one will ever find you…


Okay, so even if we don’t get a Halloween DLC from R*, we’re gonna be running two competitions on the night that should also neatly tie in with Binchen’s own Halloween themed snapmatic competition. Firstly we will be handing out an award for most creative Halloween outfit. You’ll need to think outside the box and get creative with the combination of things you put together. The person who gets chosen as the winner for having the best outfit on the night will be inducted in to our Pussi Riot Hall of Fame, woohoo.

Group halloween

Secondly, we’ll be handing out an award for most creatively pimped out hearse. If you’ve not got one already then you’ll need one. They are dead easy to get hold of. The best way to do this is to post on the Pussi Riot newswire on Social Club and ask for someone who already has one to help you spawn one. If you drive up to the church where they spawn with someone who already has one, there should be at least two in the car park there. Simples. We’ll be running some goofy impromptu races on the night between some of Los Santos creepier locations which brings me to…

 Death wagon


On party night we’ll be using our blinged up, pimped out hearses  to race around the city causing some suitably bloody mayhem. We’ll tour some of Los Santos creepier locations including the cemetary, the halloween house, the altruist compound and mount gordo, where you’ll get your chance to snap some seriously sick photos. Binchenchaos is running a Halloween themed snapmatic competition and so this is your chance to get your fiendish fill of snapmatic sickness surrounded by horrific hearses and fellow rioters in full costume. Lets see what foul things you can come up…

Blondie halloween


One of the creepy locations we’re gonna take you to is up on the rocks over looking the lighthouse at Mount Gordo. Being Halloween and all, we thought it would be cool to take you all there and do some ghost hunting. For those of you who don’t know, there is a ghost that haunts a certain part of the map there and it’s kinda cool to witness the apparition appear..

At a certain point over the course of the party eve, your party rep will take you there and you’ll be able to see it, in all it’s spooky glory….



On top of all that free roam goodness, my evil minions have been busy at work since the party was announced on a series of devilish creations. They’ve outdone themselves with bringing some some truly hideous creations to life. These will be intermittently splattered throughout the night in gruesome playlists which will contain all of our fabulous crew created content. These playlists were stitched together with unnatural relsih by Gagagolightly.

I’m not gonna ruin the surprises we have in store but I will let you get a sneak peak at what is coming…

Race Job Image

‘The Hills In Los Santos Have Eyes’ – GTA race

FreeMission Job Image

‘Last House On The Left’ – Last team standing

FreeMission Job Image

‘Dawn Of The Dead Living’ – Capture

Deathmatch Job Image

‘Happy Halloween’ – Team death match



Gaga halloween

One of the things we’re most excited about bringing to you though are Grody’s  fabulously twisted games based on the childhood favourite ‘hide and seek’. Being Halloween though we’ve tweaked it to involve blood, guts and ‘death by homicidal maniac’.

Now there are certain rules you have to play by for this to be a success, so pay attention.

The game takes places within a standard deathmatch. One person is ‘it’ and has to go look for the other players who have hidden themselves within the designated area. In our version the ‘it’ is going to be your party rep. The players spawn around the map, to avoid giving away their location, and get five minutes to hide. Once the time is up you’re not allowed to move anymore. That is absolutely key to the game. If your time runs out and you are still out in the open…tough. You CANNOT move once the timer has reached five mins.

If you’re found you have to stay still and the ‘it’ will kill you in whatever way they like. When you respawn you become another ‘it’. The game ends when either everyone has been found or when the timer runs out, in which case the remaining players win.

A quick overview of the rules:

  • You MUST turn off your radar! If you don’t the game obviously becomes too easy.
  • Only the ‘its’ are allowed to move after the clock reaches five minutes.
  • Once you’ve been found you’re not allowed to move. Wait for the ‘it’ to kill you
  • Once you’ve been killed you become another ‘it’ and have to help the other ‘its’ find the rest of the hiders
  • No hiding in the same place, that’s just… well… stupid :p
  • No killing fellow hiders or ‘its’, after all it’s not a deathmatch. The game is stupid and fun enough without wholesale carnage.
  • No hiding outside of the map. The borders are shown by barriers on the roads.
  • Absolutely no calling the creepy middle aged fatty also known as Lester! Cheating will be punished by you being fed to said creepy middle aged fatty!
  • No calling Merryweather either you sly little kitten. This is you vs. the ‘it’

Quick tip: To see who has become an ‘it’ check the leaderboard to see who has been killed.


So then. Only days to go now. Use that time to get yourself a hearse. Scour the interwebz for cool costume ideas and stock up on booze for the night (looking at you Gaga and Hurri).

Really excited now. We’ll see you Friday. Muhahahaha


a.k.a ‘The Commish’

Gaga blondie


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