PS3 – ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ crew party review


Well, that was fun…

I’m gonna go on record and say that this event was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Now I’m not necessarily talking about the night itself which befell the usual servers bs, freezes and disconnections but everything from the planning stages through to the moment I sent the invites out to the lobby was an absolute joy. “What was so different this month Blondie?”, I hear you wail like a banshee on a moonless night. Well gather by the hearthside and let me tell you…

As you may have gathered, I had a bit of sabbatical from the game and only returned just prior to last months party. Now, I don’t mind saying that it wasn’t what it should have been. It was all put together at the very last minute and not given the proper care and promotion it should have. In truth, ‘real life’ had gotten in the way and nobody had the time to put it together.

A couple of days beforehand I agreed to act as one of the party reps but come party night my own session was a complete disaster. My ps3 had failed to download the playlists and over the next four hours a succession of tech issues and other tomfoolery completely ruined it. Apologies once again if you were part of my group. However, rather than let the experience get me down I used it for the catalyst of what would come next.


Irritated by how far our centre piece attraction had fallen in my absence, I told Backof that things had to change and gathered together the crews most active and trusted members on the ps3 side – Binchen Chaos, Gaga Golightly, Grody-to-the-Max, Muhmuhhuh and Scuba Christ and with them began formulating a plan to help restore its prestige. We formed a party committee and began working together on everything from the theme, creating content, promoting the event and then finally running it. Everyone was so incredibly enthusiastic about it , that it made the experience entirely stress free and really a whole lot of fun to be part of.

We all busted our butts over the course of the month prior to the event, creating jobs and races, meeting up to critique and playtest in invite only sessions and most importantly communicating on a daily basis to ensure everything was still moving forward. Skype became the weapon of choice and everyone involved with the committee set up an account and got involved. In short the whole experience was an absolute pleasure and we will be staying together to work on the next event.

So, what are my views on how the event planned out? Well, I could only see so much from my mostly stationary vantage point (I spent a lot of the night inviting people in to the lobby or skyping with everyone who joined the ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ chat room), so it’s better if we answer that as a group.


How did you think the Halloween Spooktacular event went? What did you like best?

Scuba.C.Vercetti: Jesus, how do u sum up last night? LOL

A brilliantly fun chaotic nightmare.. Pffft I dunno that doesn’t even scratch the surface. It had its ups and downs shall we say.

What went well? Muh’s Tunnel of Death I thought worked brilliantly with lots of players. I didn’t get to the end of the tunnel in the play test so was delighted to be attacked by a load of hookers last night hehe. Also Grody’s Movie set Hide & Seek worked a treat and did everything it said on the tin once I’d briefed Waterboy at least!

Loved the attack on the prison, It really gave a new edge to the party and looked completely amazing on my screen from where I was sitting, even if it did almost melt my PS3 as it started having serious frame rate issues.

Gagagolightly: Apart from my connection problem I thought the night was awesome. The prison battle at the end was great to and a nice change from the army base 🙂 was shame by that time I was really drunk!

Muhmuhhuh: The organization and effort put in by the Crew party team was top notch.  Prison assault was cool as it made a nice change.

BinchenChaos: I liked to storm the prison. It’s much easier to hold.

Blondie: I thought it went pretty well to be honest. There were issues over the course of the night as there always are, but we’ve taken them on board and will iron them out for next time. Watching everyone arrive in the cemetery in their hearses in a variety of Halloween costumes was the highlight for me. Right then, it was clear people had bought in to the vision of the party. I just love how creative everyone had been despite no DLC from Rockstar. Bad Rockstar bad…go sit in the corner!

Do you think people got in to the party spirit?

Scuba.C.Vercetti: My favourite part of the whole evening though was when everyone arrived at the graveyard in their hearses – what a spectacle. Everyone seemed to have put a lot of thought into their costumes as well so that was one of my proudest ever moments in Pussi Riot history as it showed our crew had listened to us for once and that all our collective efforts with the prep had been worth it.

Muhmuhhuh: There was a tremendous amount of Hearses on show early on the evening. They got all lined up in a nice structured manner and some photos were taken.

The costumes were pretty great, even better when you consider that Rockstar didnt help us one little bit! I’m happy that not only did people turn up in costumes but they stayed in them all night.

BinchenChaos:  I liked Gaga´s outfit. Blondie’s and Stardust were also cool. And I liked the dark red metallic hearse. I had the feeling the first group was much more informed as there where much more hearses (we get some cool pics from them).

Blondie: God yeah. My only regret is that we didn’t get more photos from the event. That was a bit of a missed opportunity given the number of cool outfits and hearses on display.

How do you think skype worked for the event?

Muhmuhhuh: Skype was of major benefit to the organization of the night. There were some issues again this month but at least we knew what was going on this time! It was also nice to meet a few members and get to know them more.

Scuba.C.Vercetti: Our use of Skype worked well in the most part even though I was still having issues with it going quiet for a while. But in general when it did work it proved vitally useful!

BinchenChaos:  It should be a must to use skype or psn chat. It´s not possible to send everyone single a description what to do.

Gagagolightly:  Skype really stood out as a great way to communicate in party. It would of been better if more used this. Hopefully we can get most of the crew on it by next party

Blondie: It was invaluable. For keeping an eye on each group as they went off, reporting connection issues and just for general ridiculous banter between the gang. I cannot recommend using skype for crew chat strongly enough. Utterly invaluable during the planning and execution of the party.

Do you see room for improvement? What should we be looking to change?

Scuba.C.Vercetti: Time management. I think if it would have gone ahead like we’d planned it then it would have worked fine. But there were some major issues stopping that from happening. The biggest spanner in the works came from having to do rounds in a few of the jobs. Deliverance especially had turned into a nightmare groundhog day and unfortunately bit a huge chunk of time out of proceedings, leaving us in a position where we had to drop the third playlist.

Muhmuhhuh: People not reading the game instructions. I get that for some people English is not their first language and so may not be able to read instructions in time on a playlist, but the whole party itinerary had been published for weeks and been linked on SC every day. Why had people not read it? I know nobody does it on purpose but we as a crew are better than that. A little thought is needed!

In terms of future use maybe we need people to sign up for Parties so they fully grasp what the plan is.

Also a lack of photos. There were some cool ones but not as many as there used to be. We don’t seem to take the time to set up nice photos these days, mainly because people are too busy blowing things up!

BinchenChaos: Maybe it would be better if you have to sign up for the party? Maybe it would be better for the next time if we open two lobbies for thirty two players and they have to sign up if they want take part. Maybe the bigger format is not the best.

Blondie: There is always room for improvement and we’re gonna take the lessons learned from this one and take them forward. I think we may go for the ‘less is more’ approach in terms of the numbers we try to entertain next time.

And so there you have it. Thank you to everyone who attended. Leave your comments below and let us know what you thought about the party and how we could improve the experience.

Peace out


a.ka. ‘The Commish’


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