PS3 – Scuba’s Stupid Saturday – November 15th

SSS November

Join the gang on PSNPussi Riot PSN and here… Pussi Riot PSN official blog

Yes girls it’s that special time of month again when you need to leave your brain at home in the freezer next to the Cornetto’s and Marrowfat peas

Come and join Scuba and her merry band of mischief makers for another evening of daft free roam activities and playlists of bizarre and outlandish custom maps.

As always Scuba will be inviting all Pussi Riot members who are online into her own private lobby starting at 8:00 pm GMT on a first come first serve basis.

However this month will be slightly different as priority will be given to those who have a Skype account. This is because the PSN app simply does not work any more and Scuba and the gang need to be able to communicate with you as otherwise you’ll not know what is happening and start attracting some unwanted attention from the LSPD which will just ruin things for everyone.

So get Skype ASAP, there’s no reason not to as its available on every system and its free. That way you will also be privy to all the crazy banter that goes down at all our little shin digs ;P


VintageSecrets aka MissyVee has come up with an ingenious little party game for us all to take part in whist we’re in Free Roam which involves fun with trains. It’ll take a little bit of planning so please pay attention to what she has to say. Take it away Vee…..

-Thanks Scuba – Inspired by a GTA streamer on Twitch I thought this would be fun for us all to try out. The idea is that in preferably; 4 groups of 4 we aim to become ‘king of the train’ or in our case ‘Queen’. The aim is to stay on the train for the longest or a certain amount of time with your group and to kill anyone else who tries to get on the train who isn’t part of your 4 gal team. Explosives are banned whether RPG, grenades and or mini guns etc. The winning team gets bragging rights and the title of  ‘Queen’ for the month, until its repeated next month.

All clear? Good good. Right then girls – we will see you this Saturday at eight so don’t be late

Scuba 😉



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