PS3 – November Crew Party


I’m comin’ up so you better get this party started

Holy crap gang! It’s nearly time again for the PS3 monthly crew party! That came around quick. The good news for you all is that we’ve already been working on it. Woohoo.

Yup, the party committee reconvened again in our snazzy little Skype chat room and we thrashed out the themes and ideas that are going to make up this month’s party. Once again Binchenchaos, Gagagolightly, Grody-to-the-max, Muhmuhhuh, Scuba C. Vercetti and myself are gonna present to you a one of the kind party experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

We’ll be providing more and more information over the course of this month in the lead up to the party, but in the meantime we really wanna hammer home how important it is that you sign up to Skype. It makes the event so much easier to run and also so much more fun. Think we’ve got twenty plus rioters signed up now and they’re already reaping the benefits of the always hilarious riot chat room. It takes like five minutes to sign up for and will change the way you play the game completely.

Watch this space for further party updates!


a.k.a ‘The Commish’



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