PS3 – A call to arms

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It’s an awkward word to spell for some reason… it is also a word that is entwined with my real life. I work in Community Health, Community is one of my favourite and massively underappreciated TV show and well…. OK thats it in my real life to be honest…I have not thought this post through!

But there is one more aspect of my life, both real and “fantasy” where the word community plays a massive part. That aspect of course is Pussi Riot. The crew we are all a part of that we know and love.

This past Tuesday was a really big day for many of us. Lots of shiny new toys to play with on next gen consoles, yet also a very sad day for many of us as our friends who we have got to know like sisters this past year have gone away. And it has somewhat snuck up on us I think. Looking back I cant believe we didnt think to have a massive blow out party on Monday!

Fear not though, I have tremendous faith in this crew, and although we have split into 4 right now (5 if the PC version ever bothers to come out) we are all still here on the blog and Social Club.

However this post isnt really about that. We all know how cool the people in here are and I think eventually at some point we will all meet again in the next generation. This post is more of a call to our for our PS3 members who have been left in the post apocalypse version if Los Santos.


I must admit I was quite scared to step into Los Santos on tuesday after the “cull”. I was expecting barren wastelands full of mutants. Basically the Wales of Grand Theft Auto… but I am happy to report it wasnt too bad! The life was still there.

From a Pussi Riot perspective though we seem to have been hit big time. The plus side is there are still a group of people who are as committed as ever to keeping the PS3 side of thing fun.

So what is the point of us post? Well its time for action! People like Grody, Blondie, myself, Star, Cheesy and AJ, Barns etc etc are all still here and I have noticed that some funky existing members are still with us too, people like Soulspence, newbies like Jane1990f (who kindly set up a cool Facebo0k page for us). This is promising but we need to get together!

So this is a shout out to the PS3 girls who are reading this and thinking “i like this crew but never really mix with the crew” Well its time you did! Its also time we looked out for you more! So keep your eyes peeled, if you see an invite from a crew member please come and join us! We need to build a new core to the PS3 crew. Both online, on Social Club and maybe even on Skype. We are still chatting away on Skype and would love to see you on there (I will make a major post about this soon by the way…) obviously it not essential to be on Skype but its certainlyba nice addition to the experience and a good way to get to know each other more.

Also lets not forget that we are not the only crew has been split up into smithereens (is that even possible?) there will be many a person out there who is sticking to PS3 for now and have lost their crews. Ladies keep your eyes open and if you see any ladies roaming the streets (not those type…) then try and get to know them and bring them into the fold! Although as i said its a sad time it is also an exciting time. We will meet a ton of new people coming into the crew on the Next Gen systems and us on the current gen systems can do the exact same thing by getting together more and building a PS3 army!

So yeah, if any of you quieter PS3ers are reading this please please please get in touch with us. You can do that on Social Club, on PSN or on Skype, you can even do it via this handy little form that I am about to paste if you are shy! But either way accept the invites that come your way and lets do this!!


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