PS3 – November crew party

Riot bikers

Pussi Riot’s November crew party on PS3 is getting ever closer and it’s time again to tease you with some details…

Amid all of the excitement surrounding the arrival of the next gen editions of the game, life carries on as normal on the PS3. Don’t panic we’re all still here baby, planning your shindig for ya.

Anywho, since we announced the event last week we’ve been busting our shapely behinds to create exclusive content you won’t find or have seen anywhere else. We’re busy tweaking and play testing them to ensure they are the best they can be come party night. I won’t reveal any specifics just yet but we’ve got a fab mix of all of your favourite game modes and each we will have several different themes each requiring a costume change across the duration of the party. How do you like them apples?

What you need to do…

We won’t be asking anything complicated of you this month but you’ll need to look in to the following.

  • Pay attention to this very blog. We’ll be posting further details of the themes and games we’re going to play in the coming days and you’ll  need to have an idea of what’s going on ahead of party night. We’ll release the themes and itinerary in the next couple of days.
  • We’d really like you to consider signing up for a Skype account. Don’t freak out! It’s free and we’re only asking you to create an account under your PSN name. There are twenty plus rioters all now signed up for this and it adds a whole different level of fun to the proceedings. “Why would I wanna do that?” I hear you protest. Well, for a number of reasons. Messaging people through PSN is ridiculously slow. Chat room on PSN is ridiculously slow. The PSN messaging app on i-phone and android is ridiculously slow. Carrier pigeons are too rare to be viable…ditto smoke signals.

Myself and everyone involved in bringing this party to you are all signed up to Skype under our PSN name with an avatar of our…erm…avatar in GTA5, so you know exactly who is typing away and can see them larking about on screen too.

It’s well worth doing so please look in to doing it.

Hows the party gonna work?

For those of you who never attended one of our shindigs, missed out on it’s rampaging awesomeness or were just plain confused when you did make it in, here is a recap of how our parties are set up. The host will run a closed, crew only ‘entrance lobby’. From there they invite crew members in until the session was full. Once it is full, they designate a party rep to begin running the playlists and themed content, and that party rep will invite everyone from the session in to it. This group would then be that particular reps group of players to take care of for the night. Back in the entrance lobby, the host will then begin to fill it again and repeat the process.

Who’s my host?

Your hostess with the mostess is gonna be….. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Blondarus (bondarus) – Commissioner of Pussi Riot and all round awesome, ‘winning’ creature

Who are the party reps?

Your part host for this month has been drawn from the wonderful peeps who helped create and play test all the themed content. I’m proud to introduce to you…

0 (1)

Grody-to-the-max (Raxo-) – Lieutenant and co-captain of Riot Alpha Taskforce

Upon entering the entrance lobby on the night, you will be told which of these will be your particular host. When they invite you in to the first playlist you should accept and then stick with them for the rest of the night. They will be using ‘invite all from previous session’ option every time they launch a new playlist and so in theory you should never end up anywhere other than in a lobby with the group and rep you started with.


Anyways, I hope that was pretty straightforward to understand? If you have any questions about it, ideas to help it run extra smoothly or you want to help out on the night, please leave a message below or PM me.

Yours always and forever


a.k.a ‘The Commish’


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