PS3 – November Crew Party Review

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Hello ladies and welcome to the monthly crew party review, this month it is I, Molly, who will be providing an in depth look at what went right, what went wrong and what was Gaga wearing….

What do you mean “you prefer Blondies reviews?” Give me a bloody chance!


Since the inception of Pussi Riot as a, no, THE crew in GTAO there have been many big days. The first ever crew party, the Next Gen release date not to mention the times we have lost our name, got on the Rockstar Newswire, the day that I joined…. but I honestly put this down as quite possibly the biggest day in my time as a Rioter. Why? Well I will explain that now….

As mentioned before in a past blog it was a sad day in many ways when the Next Gen games came out as our lovely crew was breaking up into smaller pieces. Comrades went away (in game form anyway) and there was much trepidation from the Crew Party Committee on just how many people will turn up for the PS3 party. We took a major hit when the PS4 game was released but thought we have a nice group of people still left here so lets rumble on and see what happens.

It was the right decision to put it mildly!

Fears that we would have a handful of crew members on hand to play to fill a 16 person lobby were quashed early as we had a full lobby almost straight away! And even better we had no major connection issues. Sadly QueenC couldn’t connect to us and we had a hairy moment with Blondie early in the evening but we got there in the end. Hopefully QueenC will get to sample the crew party delights next month just in time for Christmas.

So the theme of the party was…well it was multiple parties! I do get the feeling that some of you didnt even realise and just went with the flow! So to set the scene here not only will I review each party separately but I shall also include musical interludes so you can close your eyes and imagine you are at the party as you read!

Yes I do realise you cant read with your eyes shut….


Link to Pool Party playlist

As our first guests arrived at Hangman Drive the buzz was palpable. Blondie had already drove her car into the pool before anybody arrived, was this on purpose or just due to bad driving? Who knows? But the rest of the party came shortly after and in a moment that I loved (because I am odd like that) everyone who turned up parked their vehicle in a proper orderly manner!


Backof arrived by Helicopter and even parked that neatly by the pool! But the best entrance has to go to Catfacecat who turned up in a Besra


We will ignore that she crashed it into next doors topiary display.

So many drinks were had here and a couple of the non-crew guests got whacked by accident. 


Ok girls…smile….and hide the corpse with your legs please….thank you!

So then we move onto the playlist, created by yours truly! I thought the first race and the capture went well. The fist fight by the pool was a riot but then it all went downhill! (quite literally!)

Incase you all think I am a bit of a masochist the last race was supposed to be a Panto race at night time in clear conditions with GTA settings. What we got was a GTA race with no weapons, in the rain, in the daytime with Cogniscenti Cabrios! I had measured everything out to work with Pantos, now even if you are the least type of car girl you still know the difference between the two! Even then though I thought it wont ok with Soulspence gaining an impressive victory.

So with the Pool Party over it was time to go to the beach! (and I will talk to whoever peed in the pool later…)


Link to Beach Party playlist

You can blame Grody for this song. She mentioned Chris Rea last night and it stuck in my head. Speaking of Grody the beach part was all her creation. 

At this point we got to take some lovely pictures on the beach, I can only assume that we all left our cameras behind though as this is where most of the photos stopped. Please note for future parties can we stop for a while and take some photos without shooting things so the cops turn up??? These photos are memories of the good times! 


Unless its this type of shooting…thats just awesome!

At this point we got an unexpected yet great surprise. Too many rioters wanting to party! It was tough as we had just too many for a 16 person lobby but not enough to host 2 sessions so some of us sat out a few rounds to let others join in. I love the solidarity shown in our crew! It sets us apart from the rest. Although I was all dressed up with nowhere to go…


Not impressed 😦

The highlight of the Beach playlist (other than me finally nailing the pier ramp jump in Buggy Off) was our now traditional game of Hide and Seek, this time in Paleto Bay. Hide and Seek is such good fun but we really really really need for our crew members to realise when we are playing it and what the rules are! Because if you are running around clubbing people to death its not a game any more…it’s murder my dears! We got there in the end mostly due to some timely PMs to people in many different languages! (did you know Hide and Seek in French is Cache-Cache? Neither did I until last night!)


I love this photo….see what I mean about taking more photos??? We should be throwing cameras around like a wild west cowboy would sling a gun..speaking of which….


Link to Barn Dance playlist

I think this is where the memos got misplaced! Half of us turned up as sexy cowgirls, the rest of us turned up like…well mutton dressed as lamb! 

We didnt take the time to pose for photos here some of which could have been great. I think we took an impromptu race to the wrong place and as we had took longer than expected in earlier parties we went straight to the playlist devised by Binchen. This one was awesome too. We had our favourite tractor race, if anybody dislikes that race I suggest you go to the doctor and see if you have a soul missing! I dont think anything went wrong with this playlist other than maybe Mower Drive By being over multiple rounds as it was over too quickly! The run and gun deathmatch was so close! This reminds me, get signed up for RATS training. Every Tuesday ladies!


Yeehaw! Nothing says Wild West like a lime green Faggio.

With morning looming on the horizon it was time to hit the class A drugs and follow Blondie on her trip into Wonderland, a move that delighted Tofu much to her surprise!


Link to Blondie in Wonderland playlist

Were you expecting another tune?? Maybe something by Starship? Thats a Skype reference by the way…

So the final playlist of the night is down to Blondie and her Wonderland themed list. We had been online for close to 4 hours by this point and the best part? We still had a full lobby! 

This list was A-maze-ing. See what I did there? It was wonderfully insane and everybody seemed to have a laugh with it. For some reason one of the games was in the wrong order so we went to the prison before turning round and going back again like scolded schoolgirls but oh well! Croquet Ala Red Queen is wonderfully intense and the bike trip is just weird! 



We didnt actually get any photos from Wonderland but did manage to get some of the costumes on film thankfully! As you can see from the upturn in photo quality Francky was on hand too! And when we got to the prison Randy appeared leading me to think that she was actually locked up all along and we busted her out.


After the prison assault it seemed the party continued on with some BMX freestyling. But I was well in bed by then (getting old) so I will let the photo do the talking!

So to summize here….


+ Still got a great turn out.

+ Lots of members helping each other and having fun.

+ Great playlists

+ Awesome costumes

+ Partied for hours with very little drop off.

+ PS4ers turning up to party with their PS3 sisters.

+ A nice array of new faces.


– Still a lack of awareness when it comes to some games/ideas. Please read up on the blog as to what the plans are especially with Hide and Seek and costumes!

– Not enough photos

– Still some connection woes 


# My Panto race messing up 😦 I have big plans for panto races in the future and this was meant to be the showcase event! 

# Gaga making up a Minotaur in Alice in Wonderland because she liked the outfit! Actually the Minotaur is linked with mazes so I can see where you are coming from there!

# People getting into Movember far too much. We had a serious case of random man face going on last night. It looked like a Status Quo convention!

So next month….I think we know the theme? Please don’t let us down rockstar!

Ho ho ho!


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