PSN – Decembers race event result and review


Last night was our monthly playstation crew race event.

As this was the first event since the next generation release and with me now owning a PS4 I thought I would be a good time to host the event on both platforms. For this I enlisted the help of my favourite lieutenant BC.

The problem with that was… even though our numbers have swelled (we have 445 members), these members are now split over 4 platforms which, when you do the maths, thats 114.5 players on each. And you cant really expect any platform to have anything above 10% of the adjusted total online at any one time. Going on this rational. We should have had both events with 11 players. And although we did have 9 or so on the PS4 I believe the PS3 event was a bit of a washout.

This being the case. I will be focussing my efforts on the PS4 rather the trying to make all our events dual platform. The end of month crew party will continue on the PS3 as Blondarus and Grody as still there but this race event and the PRDC which I run will now only take place on the PS4.

Now onto the actual event…

Unfortunately I made a bit of a pigs ear of this. I had agreed to dogsit for a friend but they were longer then they expected, which meant I wasn’t home until late. Then when I got home my housemate was soldiering through their Lost marathon and I and to wait for the PS4 to become available. 😦

At about 22:00 (gmt 0) I was able to get the racers together, which was kinda good as it meant the players that had both consoles could migrate to the PS4 from the PS3 and race both events. We had some old faces show up; Sami, BC, Randy, Breeze, SD and even Banksie (briefly). As well as some new (ish) members, Sorry for the non-name check, it was a hectic affair and I didn’t take any notes.

Over the 5 race playlist there was 1 racer who stood out. I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone that is was Sami that won. After all she did create every track we raced on! But saying that, she is maybe the best driver in the crew on 4 and 2 wheels and I think its is now here 3rd or 4th race event win.


Moving forward, we will continue this race event and try to get our numbers up again so we can have some full races. I might get Sami on the race of creating the races we used in this playlist for hold 30 racers rather then the old limit of 16.

If you would like any input into future race events, please get in contact as I need all the help I can get.


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