PS4 – Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 4th boogie – 14th December 2014

What goes up must come down

On the 14th of December the 4th Dropzone boogie will be held. This will be the clubs debut on the PS4 platform, I hope you all can drop in and enjoy the fun.


This is a regular monthly event held on the 2nd sunday of every month.

Again we will open a closed crew lobby at around 20:30 (GMT 0) for the crew who want to play to join.

We will run the event just like the previous months; A closed crew lobby will be created. Once the fills up to at least 8 players we will impromptu race to different parachuting trigger points on the map.

As this event gains maturity, we continue to hone and adjust the events make up. This time we will run just 1 instance of the drop zone playlist. We will use the adjusted playlist which is a little shorter at just 8 jumps.

Parachute playlist:

GAME MODE: Parachuting

  • Reservoir
  • Holding Pattern
  • Jump Wings
  • Timber
  • Up in the clouds
  • Desert
  • Cleared for Landing
  • Under The Radar

For the remainder of the time we will be on our sports bike in the Raton Canyon  The idea being to find gnarly launch points.

The SA tourist board says…

All the canyon is crossed by trails at differents levels. Three important bridges cross over the creek, including the Cassidy Creek Bridge. It is one of the most beautiful places of San Andreas, and a excellent place to do extreme sports like parachuting.

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