PS4 – ‘Flight for your right’ – A 30 player extreme capture game

I have made a really capture I want us all to play. Its a bit intense and you need a few team mates as you can not win the game without teamwork.

  • Game mode: Capture (content)
  • Number Players: 30
  • Number of Teams: 2
  • Starting weapon: Uzi
  • In-game weapons: AK47, pistols, Sniper
  • Enemies: Police, Rangers
  • Max police presence: 2 stars

The idea is that both sets of teams start at in their respective bases at either end of the runway at the Sandy Shores Airfield. Both bases are decked out like little forts with the delivery point being inside the a bunker.

Both teams have 1 Miljet which can hold 15 passengers. Each team needs to load up their Miljet and fly to the west coast of the island. This is where there has been a massive road traffic accident with paramedics, Firefighters, LS Police and SA Rangers already on the scene trying to clean up the wreckage and get the road back open. The teams must fight each other and the authorities for the booty in the middle of the road traffic accident.


Each team must skydive from their planes overhead and parachute down into the eye of the shitstorm. The pilot can either bale-out or try OR land their miljet on the beach or closed road. This would be a big advantage as then it would allow for the quick and safe transportation for the team members and their gained packages back to your base.

If you manage to make it back to base with a package you will find yourself with few options, the best bet is to storm the enemy base, camp out and ambush the other teams returning players

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