PS4 – ‘Queens of the Train’ Event


The winners were the ‘Red Team’consisting of Duffi, ArticSunset, Banksie,Backof and Kati! Well done you are officially our Queens for the month *bows down*.

Although due to several people missing out on the fun it has pushed me into making this a monthly mini-event, and will hopefully run much more smoother and with even less confusion. As i have come up with some improvements thanks to your feedback.

1) People will still need to sign up, I’ve realised that not everyone is active on the social club, so i’ll just have to message some people on Psn instead.

2) However so there is no confusion although it will be much more harder and chaotic, it will now run as an ‘EVERY MAN OR WOMAN FOR THEMSELVES’ event. That way there’s no hassle in trying to figure out whose on what team as its just a free for all.

3) I understand as this happens to me quite often, that people need to cancel and some do this last minute ( i myself am guilty of this) as life simply gets in the way, in order to not have a empty lobby; i caved in last minute and invited people randomly who had not initially signed up, and tried to quickly debrief them into what the hell was actually going on. I will not make the same mistake as it does screw things up. Even with a empty lobby no one who hasn’t signed up will be able to participate last minute.

* I could use with suggestions as to what day of the month this should be specifically run on (hopefully on a day that does not conflict with anything else).

*As well as any other little Free Roam activities we could run, feel free to message me some ideas.





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