PS3 – Pussi Riot’s Happy Holidays Hoe down! (Crew party…)

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Deck the halls with bells of Molly, tra la la la la la la la la….

Its that time of year again and indeed that time of the month (no not that one…) where it is time for the much fabled and world famous Pussi Riot Crew Party.

First of all apologies for not being around much the past couple of weeks, I have been rather ill but shall be back into the swing of things soon! 

But enough about me, you came here for the party right? Well lets see what the plan is. 

The schedule had us having our party on boxing day as its the last friday of the month. But lets face it, that would just be madness! So my suggestion is Monday 29th of December at 20:00 GMT. 

As this time of year is full of joy and merriment away from the confines of Los Santos (and the fact that its a work night) we will be running a condensed version of our usual party but we fully intend to make the most of it!

So weather you are celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Yalda or Hogswatch it doesnt matter! Just get your party gear on and come on join us!

So do we have a plan? Of course we do! 

Lets face it we can pretend to be as classy as we want but deep down we are a bunch of degenerate nogoodnicks. So Where better to start the evening than a pub night in the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores?


Well obviously many places…but unless Father Christmas/Black Piet/The Holiday Armadillo brings us the gift of more exteriors this is where we need to go for some much needed Egg Nog. 

Turn up in your holiday themed clothing. Hopefully Rockstar will give us some new options to play around with. Also it would be nice if you painted your vehicles in a nice festive shade (Green and Red, Blue and Silver etc etc)

From here we will chill out in the bar, take some pictures, maybe even play some darts before starting the Holiday playlist. Yes we are only having one this time but I can assure you my little elves are working feverishly on some sexy stocking fillers with a festive theme to pass the time. (Or indeed adapting existing creations with a loosely tacked on festive gimmick.)

Once our playlist is complete A bus will be waiting for us outside the Inn to take us to our final destination of the evening, The Vanilla Unicorn. No doubt we shall have to stop on the way so Grody can have a pee. There we will have some fun, (at the strip joint that is, not in the bathroom with Grody…) take some photos and no doubt end up getting shot at by cops as some of you just cant help yourselves! 


Please make sure you get on the bus though! Otherwise whats the point of having one! 

And thats it…. simple yet effective. No stress or anything just some straight up fun.

So see you all there? In the meantime please feel free to max out all your Fleeca cards on lovely presents for me. Its the gift that keeps on giving, until you default on a payment obviously. 

Ho ho ho…



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